Wednesday, November 30, 2016

#PizzaGate Is Real!

I've been busy with so many projects that I'm having a hard time catching up.
For a start, you can now also find me at my new social space created by me to break away from the censorship mega google giants like Reddit, Facebook & Twitter.  You can find me at #PizzaGate as Southern Exposure @ Ning.Com. I am also going to transition off Twitter if they continue to censor and all of this is part of that pending disengagement. Consider joining me at Gab.AI/SouthernExposure as well since I am now a #GabFam. We don't need their censored, approved social media with the "Real News." Our Fake News is going to shame the entire Mass Media Establishment.

I'm writing several things right now that involve my own intimate experiences with these kinds of people, because NOW is the time to bring it out! There's never been a better time to try to get the world to listen about this stuff.  They have a huge fire to put out now and this #PizzaParty is about to go up in flames! It IS International in scope and involves ALL ALPHABET AGENCIES, and very high level government officials are involved with both the perpetration of these crimes & the cover up of these crimes WHILE USING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO DO IT! What does it take to piss people off enough?!

Every understanding of reality you had before #PizzaGate will now be questioned & re-examined. Should you choose to go down the rabbit hole and educate yourself to the very dark reality this is stemming from, you will never see anything the same way again.

I started this blog years ago primarily as a way of shouting out to people what's happening deep underground in our Nation's D.U.M.B's (Or Deep Underground Military Bases.) And Human and child trafficking is a PART OF IT! Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is also a part of it and I now can wrap my head around what happened to me personally as a young child. I was saved by my Grandfather and rescued, had it gone on any longer than it did, I am quite certain that I would've been a suicide or homicide statistic long ago.  I am finding my own healing through writing & painting so as I transition out of my "Anonymous" and "Targeted Individual" period, moving fearlessly through the truth, you are about to get to know me in a more personal way.

If you are a victim of child sexual abuse or experimental abuse, I hope you will begin to see that you are not alone and that people are finally ready to hear you and your story.  Please communicate with me if you need help telling your story and want to be heard.  All stories are True until proven otherwise in my book!

The truth demands to be heard, and 'Timing is Everything.'  Kim West

Friday, November 18, 2016

Total Mind-Control Documentary 2016: MK-Ultra, Celebrities & More!

This is actually one of the better documentaries I have ever seen on this topic. It won't be a waste of time and if you're not already aware, prepare to have your mind blown! This is all proven information and the story is still unfolding. With awareness we can stop this once and for all!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump Wins & The Left Implodes : Election 2016

As President Obama heads off to Europe to say a farewell goodbye to heads of State, President-Elect Trump is doing the media circuit and thanking America for their support.  Leslie Stahl tried to dig the divide deeper with her 60 minutes interview of Trump and his family this past weekend but Trump was determined to let the people know that he stands behind the Supreme court ruling of same sex marriage though she didn't ask him if he stands between Roe vs. Wade.

Trump's White Nationalist supporters have become the poster children of what's wrong with Trump in the eyes of the propagandized left who are screaming, crying and literally shitting in the streets and smearing it on Trump poster's like it's the end of the world.  They have been brainwashed to believe they will all lose (free) benefits, including health insurance, and some of them may but I do have confidence we can figure out our own healthcare dilemma with input from all sides. Nobody wants anybody to go without good healthcare but the middle class can't foot the bill, they very literally can't afford to! The middle class is responsible for electing Trump, not any one party, truth be known.

In 2008, I was a big Obama supporter & Democrat and I thought Hillary might be a good candidate for 2016. I was high on the "Hope and Change" propaganda.  But I noticed that right after the inauguration, Obama seemed suddenly dark, heavy and changed somehow and it wasn't long before many observant American's noticed he and his admin were actually carrying on the Bush Doctrine of the New World Order Agenda, in even bigger strides!  Many of us, long time democrats and republican's alike, were shocked but the Democratic Congress wasn't even raising an eyebrow on all of Obama's Executive Orders designed at eroding our Constitutional Republic.  The people we trusted to keep our President in check, were absolutely behind him, as if they had suddenly forgotten what their jobs were, or who they represented.  There was extreme pressure put on dissidents within the party and outside the party and in the meantime, the Conservatives, Libertarian's & Independents were seething with outrage and anger, and determined to topple the liberals who they felt were following the UN Agenda 21 plan.  If you aren't familiar with UN Agenda 21, you can't possibly be educated enough about Hillary's stance on politics, to give her your support.

For me, it was time to get back to the basics of our American history. I've studied our Government's history very deeply, primarily for Genealogy research.  Many of my grandfathers and great-uncles were in these early positions of power.  Some died with their pride and integrity intact, some did not.

Democrat friends, who were deluged with a controlled media's messages for 8 years, are now literally losing their minds because they think everything Obama did was right and continued to believe the Hillary propaganda even though alternative media and Wikileaks were outing her communications, intentions and serious crimes on a steady basis. But hey, Hillary and her campaign told them the Wikileak's were fake, and the FBI is not charging her, so all is good.  It's never good when people only get their news and facts from mass media and don't look at the other side's complaints and research.  It's never good when civil liberties are taken away and nobody notices or CARES unless it's about them. (i.e. Gay marriage).  It's Never Good to look the other way as Constitutional crimes are being committed! Without our foundational laws, we are nothing and that is something the "Nationalists" understand, White, Black or any other race. This is something we have in common it does not mean "Nationalists" are White Supremacists, and I for one am sick of the left making this about White Nationalism because as the popular vote revealed, people who believe in a Sovereign nation, come from all colors and races!!

I chose not to look away after 2008 and I'm glad I didn't.  Enough Americans, even life long liberals, finally saw the writing on the wall and chose to shout it out, and demand our Sovereignty, as individuals and as a united Country so that all the hard work and lives given by our predecessors would not be in vain. It's been a very enlightening year for all of us.  It's even showed some of us our dark side, but that's ok. That too is a part of becoming aware of ourselves and what matters most to us.

Know that I WILL hold Trump accountable and I hope everyone will! All Political Parties!

Let's take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture here.  The bigger picture includes all of us! Even future citizens of foreign countries! So let us put our thinking caps on and remind ourselves of what our collective goals really are and continue a healthy discourse together.

Please America, for the sake of our children's future, wake up from your 8 years of brain fog! Take a few deep breaths and figure out how we can all move forward. Stop taking cash from those that want to create a civil war in this country because you may find out soon how much you've actually been played. Cash for violence contributing now to deaths of other humans is on all that block ambulances and take money for chaos, is not good for any of us.  Will you be able to look yourselves in the mirror tomorrow?

Let's stop the total emotional breakdown now, pick our selves up and figure out a better way to face the our future reality. Knowledge is indeed Power!

Power it up!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Russia Claims Pentagon Cover-Up in Mosul Battle: U.S. Casualties Unrepor...

The Russian situation is getting bizarre! Please watch and share.
A big thanks to Sibel Edmunds at Boiling Frogs post for her dedication to honest, truthful news and discussion.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cathy O'Brien's Abuse At The Hands of The Clinton Cartel Confirmed by New Wikileaks Revelations

The most recent batch of Wikileak's shine light on the entire child and human sex trafficking ring ran by the elite's of our Country, permeating every single branch of our national AND International Governments.  We've been hearing the stories for decades, relegating them to "Conspiracy Theory" piles for future consideration.  The future is here now, thanks to Wikileaks and we now have traceable proof that not only does this league of criminals exist, but Hillary is the "Madam" who is coordinating the entire thing and even partaking in the rape of young girls.

But wait! Didn't author and victim Cathy O'Brien tell all of this to Congress in 1995? In fact, didn't she write a book entitled "Trance-Formation of America", that warned the entire planet that this was going on? In fact, she did! So why is nobody asking to interview Cathy O'Brien right now and why, even by the "Alternative Press", are they afraid to touch this reality of this subject?

Not even known Hillary and Pedophile hater Alex Jones is interested in Cathy's story, even though he often cries on air over the torture of children.  Cathy WAS one of those children but still, her story is relegated to some place that nobody wants to go.

46% + of the Country is still voting for the Clinton Cartel. They've even been mislead by the campaign to think that all the Wikileaks are FAKE and they actually believe it. I mean, Hillary Clinton is America's Florence Henderson, right?

In 2016, Hillary and her Clinton Cartel have been accused of, and have been proven to have committed the most heinous crimes of any American Leader.  From stealing, lying and murder to coordinating kiddie sex parties for sicko's like John Podesta and other Pedophile rapists and murderers.

I just had to know, "What does Cathy think about all of this?" So I emailed her.

She is happy to know her story is remembered and remains as committed as ever, in bringing the truth to light.  She has a total of 3 books now and I have only read Transformation of America in 1999, so I am re reading everything again.

Cathy sent the below to me for others to be aware of as this situation unfolds, and as we take hold of an opportunity to re-examine all of the evidence regarding proof of these most horrendous crimes being paid for often with our tax dollars!  It's expensive hiding children and moving them around.

The reason I started this blog years ago was to bring attention to this matter. Underground bases are where they keep the child slaves. Many of them take their first breath underground, never becoming a part of our outside world.

Is it all unbelievable? Yes, it does seem that way to people who could never even consider such crimes.  But to those that profit from them, or derive sick pleasure from them, it's just business.


My name is Cathy O'Brien.  Intelligence insider Mark Phillips and I are 25 year veteran US Government Whistleblowers on MK Ultra mind control and healing from it.  Hillary Clinton's perverse abuses of me were first released publicly in 1995 when the 1947 National Security Act was invoked on our sworn testimony for the US Congressional Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight.   This testimony, which also detailed Clinton's crimes against humanity, was compiled in our book TRANCE Formation of America.  

TRANCE was written for and distributed among all members of US Congress and related agencies, and was never intended for the public due to its graphic content.   Nevertheless, TRANCE spread like pertinent truth does, is now in its 14th printing, is being taught in major universities, and is in law libraries worldwide.

Mark and I are overwhelmed with emails inquiring why this perverse abuse of me by Hillary Clinton has not been broadcast by mainstream media.  As this election year has clearly revealed, mainstream media (as well as social medias like Facebook) are controlled by the same globalists with whom Hillary Clinton is aligned.  It is difficult enough for any truths that do not support her global agenda to be revealed through mainstream media, let alone truth bound by so-called National Security laws.

The 1947 National Security Act is threatening the security of the U.S. and our world when it covers up such crimes against humanity as those perpetrated on me by Hillary Clinton in the name of MK Ultra.  

Indeed, it is time these truth came to light and Hillary Clinton was held accountable for her actions before she claims the office of Presidency as planned and further enforces controls over u.s. all.  TRANCE Formation of America, as well as our second book written for the public ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security, and even our newly released self help manual that details the methods Mark taught me to heal from decades of robotic MK Ultra mind control PTSD: Time to Heal, all refer to our controlled media, contrived polls, and rigged elections that are intended to usher in the globalization agenda.  Our three books*, speaking engagements, videos, etc, all spell out how the Bush-Clinton dynasties intend to accomplish this globalization goal through dividing the people and occupying the office of US President.  

Hillary Clinton is already tapped to assume the office of President to complete this global domination plan.   Bill Clinton ushered in NAFTA as a giant step towards this globalization, which was funded by criminal covert CIA Black Budget operations including his reputed Mena, Arkansas CIA cocaine operations.

What Hillary Clinton executed on me is only the tip of the ice burg of the heinous crimes she continues to commit under the cover of National Security.  Focusing on Bill Clinton's public perversion diversions rather than on Hillary Clinton's blatant crimes against humanity only further emotionally divides the people, rendering u.s. easier to manipulate when we believe the other person is responsible for "electing" her.  Think beyond semantics and ever-changing titles intended to confuse.  Monitor elections locally, arm yourself with truth, raise your voices, and reclaim our United States.  Make America Great Again!  Prosecute Hillary Clinton!

*Numerous references to rigged elections are in all our books.  Below are a few select quotes:

Quotes from our book ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security, published in 2004:

page 320
From my experience, I perceived Bill and Hillary to share a strong friendship and business relationship.  Since I knew them both to be bisexual, the media hyped "affairs" could not be what they appeared.  I called them a "perversion diversion" from the real crimes Bill and Hillary were guilty of.  ... Just as Bill went into the office of President as a "Democrat" to make the public feel they had a change from "Republicans" leading them into the New World Order, Hillary would be the illusion of change from male Presidents.

page 322  
No, I did not believe in elections any more than did the politicians and world leaders I was associated with in MK Ultra mind control.  Global elections were based on a much bigger agenda formulated by DARPA technology and funded by a few world bankers and global elite.  Based on what I knew, Bush Jr. was expected to follow Bill Clinton into the Presidency, and Hillary soon would follow him, keeping it all in the family of dictators- unless people wake up, wised up, and elected to become actively involved in politics from the local level up.

page 323
I knew in 1986 that Bush Jr. was being groomed for the presidency while at the CIA  MK Ultra mind control training camp on Mount Shasta.  When he assumed the office of President in 2000 according to plan... the American people knew he stole the "election" in his Texan brother's 'home state' of Florida yet felt powerless to stop him after the 9-11 trauma.  Now Hillary is suddenly a Senator from "the world's capital" of New York, ready to move into Presidential position as planned unless people reclaim their country and lives now.

Quote from our book TRANCE Formation of America, published in 1995:
page 161 
Byrd and others I knew boasted he was one of those (corrupt power brokers) responsible for Bill Clinton's being "chosen" ... to the office of Presidency.  
(US Senator Robert C. Byrd was head of Appropriations, my owner in MK Ultra, and mentor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton)

Quote from our self help manual PTSD: Time to Heal, published in 2016:

page 85
No one I knew in DC worried about elections, and campaigns were illusions for justifying their predetermined political positions.  Political parties divided people as intended to keep them from looking behind the electoral curtain to the pre-rigged electronic voting machines built by the very ones they purported to elect.  Divided, the people fall for the ploy that the other party is responsible for putting the same old dynasties in office.  Limited perception with no inner communication among the people is akin to compartmentalized memory with no conscious thought.

I would like to mention you can read a free pdf version of TRANCE-Formation at and 

The TRUTH IS Out there, we have only to look and examine the evidence.  

If Hillary and her criminal club steal the elections tonight, are you really willing to accept this woman as your leader??

Warning! if you read Trance-Formation of America, you will never view politics in the same way again. 

It’s time to protect the children and other victims of this elite group.  They are the worst kind of human parasites. It’s not just sex they take, they take a child’s future! 

Are you willing to look at the truth now or will it take 600,000 more wikileak emails to convince you and 2 more Cathy O’Brien’s? 

Stay tuned for more on this topic!
Below is Cathy's most recent interview from Nov. 4, 2016. It's one of the best interviews I've heard with Cathy. The interviewer knows how to listen and is quite gifted in her interview style, rare.