Edward Snowden's Family Is Clearly Feeling The Pressure - His Father Speaks

It looks like Ed Snowden's father, Eric Bolling,  has come out with a few words for his son.  His hope is he will return and fight the charges and urges him not to release anything else that could constitute Treason.

I can sure understand how he must feel! Ed is in a very tough place but I don't think he would've done this unless he was committed to following it through.  

A small 4 minute rant from Alex Jones titled, "Arrest Peter King, not NSA Whistleblower Ed Snowden."

Alex Jones knows what it's like to be a Targeted Individual.  He's shared many stories of harassment from the government over the years.  He's angry &  often outrageous but he's been exposing everything that Snowden has leaked for a minimum of 10 years!  Can you imagine why he might be angry?!  As confirmed, the Verizon order for all records has been renewed several times on a regular basis for over 7 years!  He is allowing the official orders to be seen by the people is all! The Government just didn't want us to see how abusive & invasive they were being and clearly they have gone too far!  But instead of apologizing and saying they'll stop, they cast all the blame on Snowden, deflecting their own crimes.  In many many minds worldwide, Snowden did the right and moral thing.  The Patriotic thing! Our Constitution grants us the right to confront our government about abuses of power.  When the checks and balances system works correctly, no government entity holds power over the people but the people, power Within the Government.  Every bit of what's wrong with our society has been in denying and ignoring the U.S. Constitution, which our forefathers and our own blood many of us, fought for, sacrificed their lives for!  We are nearing a revolution in this country where we are going to have to decide once and for all what Country we want to live in.  We will have to ask ourselves, "Is it really worth risking losing all of our inalienable rights over security?  I think Benjamin Franklin said it best,

"Those who sacrifice liberty for safety, deserve neither."  
                  Benjamin Franklin

There are those that fear the word Patriot.  This word is incorrectly used to mean "crazy militia types" but you must understand, a militia of the people was called to be established to make sure of 2 things, 
That the people could always defend their homeland from invaders from without AND from within, and to rise up against any Government that over exerted it's power over the people.

The most unlikely people now consider themselves Patriots!
Because they LOVE this Country! 
Because they've sworn an oath to the U.S. Constitution!
Because it is their Duty! 

Don't believe everything you hear.  Don't determine your option without looking at all sides of any issue.  

Passivity is no longer a guarantee of safety! 
The real enemy lies within!

If you listen to nothing else, you must listen to real patriot, Ron Paul

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