How The NSA, D.U.M.B.S & Secret Government Crimes Are Building The Perfect Beast & Igniting A Revolution!

The NSA with its official NDAA acquired "Legal" authority, is not about Protection, it's about Prevention.  No, not prevention of further attacks on U.S. Soil, but prevention of public awareness to what's happening both above ground and below (see D.U.M.B.S).

Last week we had an obvious CIA styled hit on Michael Hasting's and yet, by law, even if Obama  did order a secretive hit, they don't have to tell us they did it!  They don't have to let evidence be viewed by independent investigators and they don't even have to show up to court if you take it to trial.  Any American can now be a Michael Hasting's weenie roast (no offense) and Now, they don't even have to tell his/your family the Truth! Why?! Because we chose security over freedom, at least our fearless, fearful leaders and their financial supporters did.

Our recent collective outcry at the NSA abuse, thanks to people like Edward Snowden, and "foreigners" like Julian Assange, has the NSA's past & current abuses at the top of the headlines and millions of American Citizens are now thoroughly pissed off, but don't you think that's a little bit like crying wolf after the sheep have been attacked & eaten?!  Where was the outcry when we let Obama sneak in a New Year's Eve, private edition signing of the NDAA? And, where was the outcry when he signed his famous "but I won't use it" addendum, which he has certainly already violated? They've tried to be moderate in their language and tone as they've informed us calmly that the entire U.S. Constitution is now going to be held hostage by the NDAA,  supervised by the NSA with the President making the mortal decisions!  We've all heard stories about the abuses of power the CIA had in the 1970's but now the same beast has 2 arms and 2 heads and it's not going away anytime soon because WE have created it. Shit! Now lines of Don Henley's, "Building The Perfect Beast" is now running through my head! What an appropriate song title for this period in our future history.

Although there is a huge list of war crimes and other potential crimes against humanity in the last few administrations, With Mr. Obama, the Pulitzer peace prize price winner, staging secret "Rebellions" in countries like Libya & Syria by secretly financing AL QAEDA TERRORISTS and letting THEM commit the crimes against humanity so the administration can have a hands off approach until it's time to move in and "build a democracy", and although Obama has become an obvious Global Imperialist & outright LIAR, these global crimes are nothing compared to the unconstitutional crimes he has committed and allowed to be committed, in less than 5 years as President of the U.S!  The first black American President will not be remembered as a peace maker, even if the history books someday only mention his most positive traits, generations and generations will remember that THIS is when the downfall and the New American Revolution began and they will be taught why.  

My site is about exposing Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS), and to expose the abuse of power happening to Targeted Individuals in the U.S.  If you've done much research, on these topics, I invite you to explore via google and educate yourself.  The crimes against humanity that are occurring in these bases, and the crimes against Creation and Life itself, would sober you up in a split second if you were to realize the truth of the stories told by past employees, contractors and even victim's of these secret bases.  This subject matter ties in perfectly with what is going on our Country right nowin regards to the NSA.  Now, it will all be legal because anything they deem "In the interest of national security" can now be secret, legally!  In the past, all of these CIA and Military Black Projects have been illegal, but now, the President has the power to decide what we "Need to Know" and if we dig too deep, well, we might just end up losing control of our car and slamming into a tree, or find ourselves poisoned with SV40 (Cancer Virus) so that we come down with a fast spreading, mortal cancer.  This underground research and secret technology is where America's secrets lie and now, those secrets can be hidden from the public forever, or until a true Revolution restores our Constitution to its fuller potential.  This is what will occur when brave souls like previous D.U.M.B contractors, employees & Targeted Individual whistle blowers bring more evidence forward in the future.  They will be eliminated, period! No trial, no questions, no kidding!  By the way, congrats to Ed Snowden who has escaped their grasp to Russia today.  It's pretty bad wh to go to Russia to get away from America!

An American Hero

Understanding the depth of deceit happening behind closed doors and deep within the earth, and sharing it publicly & fully MUST be the next stage at exposing the abuses of power and will light the flame that ignites a sincere and powerful Revolution. 

The abuses of the American Government that we pay taxes to, is an abusive, imperialist monster intent on destroying the Liberty and Freedom that our ancestors fought so hard for.  The winds of extremism must be met with a fire, created by the people, with intent on exposing and destroying evil.  Let's just call it what it is, it's pure evil and I do not want to keep paying taxes to a government that slaughters with blood money; the innocent and the guilty alike in order to serve a single minded purpose like global dominance & control.  Drones would be a good example of this.  They use a missled drone to destroy one man and end up destroying families instead but hey, "All for the greater good?" This is the doctrine you are expected to accept when you are a "Loyal" employee of the U.S. government. Any disagreements will be met with shunning, firing, harassment or Murder.

There's no longer a question of IF there's going to be a Revolution, but when.  The battle lines are being drawn in this Country and sides are being chosen.  The average American is sick of the abuse, the spending and the restriction of the common persons pursuits of happiness and even health.  The realization of the real abuses happening behind closed doors, will be the flame that ignites the new age of reason and balance.   

I say, Bring it on America!  Find your bravery & restore your soul by doing the right and honorable thing. Expose the secrets!  It's time for everyone to be a Ed Snowden, Michael Hastings & Julian Assange!  We need more heroes like these.  If we don't find more heroes soon, our Country and its original ideals of freedom & reason, will be as burnt up and useless as Mr. Hastings' flaming Mercedes!

Rise to Revolution!