Is Edward Snowden Talking In Cyberspace?

Edward Snowden, Currently The # 1 Targeted Individual in the U.S.

A new Twitter account @Ejosephsnowden has been rolling heavy for about 24 hours now
Is It The Real Edward Snowden?

It would appear to be good ol' Ed but it's hard to tell for sure.  What do you think?

Some of it is very bold and people are responding like it's really him but is there anyway to tell?  

"The CIA was founded for two reasons: (1) to promulgate white supremacy, (2) depopulation." - @ejosephsnowden - Twitter

I tried to figure out how to copy his streamline for you but I can't figure it.  Click the blue Link above.

Alex Jones At Infowars.Com had Senator Ron Paul as a special columnist today and he had some strong words for the powers that be today too!  What a hero! Those that speak the truth, must be supported by all of now, regardless of our personal belief systems, even if we're absolutely sure we're right, and someone else is wrong.  What is really truth, can bridge divides as well as shatter tyranny!

And, according to the NDAA, if we are an enemy or "potential enemy"  or "possible threat" to this secretive, unconstitutional establishment, we are the enemy!  It could be because you're Christian, Muslim, in the wrong political party, exercise your first amendment rights, like Ron Paul or Alex Jones, have the wrong sticker on your car or anything else they deem flagging.

Yesterday Ron Paul schools Pier's Morgan yesterday about the constitution and the penalty for destroying the constitution.  He blasts NSA defenders for "Justifying Dictatorship" and adds that things are totally out of control in this country.  Still the owner leader who seems to call it like it is.
I loved the sound of the anger in his voice.  He's truly at a breaking point, along with Millions of Americans!

It's clear this story is only just now heating up.  Whether Snowden will continue to leak more information through Twitter or through other channels. He states that he has a LOT more to tell the American People.  One Tweet told the Chinese that their cellphones were being monitored in a vault 4 Kilometers under neath the White House.  Believable but Ed, is that really you? He has a target on his back right now that many naive individuals think the CIA or another secret government branch wouldn't dare to touch him but I know better than that.  The Twitter account tweeted a weird phrase today that he and his staff had been "innoculated" against the well known "Heart Attack Gun," which raised the first red flag that it might not really be Ed Snowden but trust me Ed, they have a lot more than Heart Attack Guns to off people now.  As I'm sure the real Ed Snowden is well aware.   And, speaking of what's going on underground, I'm asking you personally Ed to give us the scoop on the DUMB's (Deep Underground Military Bases) that are rumored to be horrific in the way they commit crimes against humanity and nature out of sight of the public.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to expose these SOB's, I'm counting on you Ed, bring it down!

If that is you Ed, you're spending too much time logged in online with a social media giant like Twitter, even with a Tor Browser!  Spend your time copying documents and posting them so they can go viral, not talking about how you are planning on releasing more info. a little at a time once you're safe. If you have time to twitter, you have time to get the info out in the open before they try to kill you.  Btw, the Hastings assassination was likely a message to you too.  I'm sure you already know how they did it.

Don't play games with them Ed, just get it all out there!