Michael Hasting's Death Conspiracy News Growing Quickly Now!

Within moments of posting earlier today, the LA Times posted an article that read, "NO FOUL PLAY SUSPECTED in Michael Hastings' Death, says LAPD" then within 2 hours, posted another connected article that reads, "Michael Hastings: Coroner Says Cause of Death Weeks Away."      
And the rumor mill is spreading fast!  People are either in the "Of course it's a Government Hit!" or "Not Everything Is a Conspiracy" camp which I find amusing of course.  As of early this morning, they couldn't even identify his body yet, but now suddenly it's, "No Foul Play Here" people!  Then the usual, "it will be weeks" before we know anything but we know it wasn't foul play dialog!

Just as I was breezing away from the LA Times article, @WikiLeak's tweets out an ominous, "Michael Hastings' death has a very serious non-public complication.  On Wednesday night, they Tweeted: “Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him.”

I have a feeling WikiLeak's will give us all something more substantial soon.  A word of warning though, don't talk about how you are going to release something, just do it!" Breitbart, Hastings, most all of the Targeted Individuals on the "hit list" announce they're coming out with info, then they die in superstitious circumstances.

I hope those that are in the "Not Everything Is a Conspiracy" camp, (aka "deep thinkers") will really watch and observe from here on out.  I like to shout back, "Yes, (just about) everything IS a conspiracy and it goes WAY back!"

 Some of us are like fish in fishbowl, content with our protective view of the world, while others are haunted about what they see and what others don't care to see.

"Knowledge is Power" is the truest maxim in my personal view of the world.  It really is power.  They've been hiding their activities under secret powers that WE (aka CONGRESS) have given them! By allowing it to continue without interference from constitutional law, we too become treasonous to a future generation that watches us even now. 

They say "History is written by the winners" and that is true.  A truly intelligent person knows to dig beneath the history, and smart people always do.  Even the old ancient Kings and Queens have no secrets now.   This is one reason why "Intellectuals" are always executed just prior to a dictatorship taking power over a society!  Intellectuals are the biggest threat, so they go first! This is being done in secret right now and covered up right under our eyes,  and if millions of American's are already on "Watch Lists" and "No-Fly" lists NOW, what do you think is going to happen now that they have been given Carte blanche to eliminate "threats against security"?!  They are bold and evil, and they are bred and trained to be this cold and calculating.

Again I ask you, how many Targeted Individuals will it take to be "disappeared" and executed before America and the global population wakes up!?  I'll tell you this, MILLIONS have been sacrificed; not just a few dozen, or a few thousand, but MILLIONS have been sacrificed to keep these people in power. 

YOUR own grandchildren, even in future generations,  will be among the future millions that die at their command!

To the "real journalists" out there in LA-LA land, there IS a way to prove that a bomb was involved, I'm sure of it.  Use your instincts and start digging.   The displaced engine holds the key in proving this.  We have to hope somebody got a few close up photos of that engine before it went into the hands of the powers that be.  And by the way, those same powers pull good police work and forensics right out from under public servants all the time.  I'm sure there are experts that don't want this to be another one of "those" cases.  I do not think the LA police have anything to do with a cover up at this time, although their statement is pretty suspiciously over confident that it was just an accident.   And yet, the CIA seems to have made sure they had their trademark flambe signature on this and now the mass media is too quiet.  They're afraid they're next, that's why, and that's the statement they wanted to make. 

Let's make this investigation VIRAL and as Public as we can make it!
They can be bold, and so can we!

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"Ruby Blackbird"