Targeted Individual & Journalist Michael Hastings Murdered in CIA Style Hit!

Admittedly Targeted and told by many nefarious government payroll rats during the last decade that he would be killed for his whistle blowing journalism, it seems Michael Hastings, age 33 has died from a one car accident that involved his brand new Mercedes slamming into a palm tree in the center island at Melrose and Highland in Hollywood, CA  There is already a lot of conflicting information about the seconds and minutes before his crash.  But let me add this quick note, he supposedly sent an email to somebody that the FBI was investigating him,  just a couple of hours before the 4:25 am crash.    His car is seen by the dash camera of a nearby patrol car, flying at a high speed down Highland avenue.  The officer turns around to head off this car, and 2.5 minutes later, comes upon the car engulfed in flames with a nearby resident trying to dowse it hopelessly with a garden hose.  A Russian woman, also a resident, said it exploded AFTER it hit the tree, though she is heard later to say that she didn't actually see it explode, it had happened after she arrived.  A Hispanic man is quoted on video as trying to describe in broken English it seemed, that the car went from 20mph  to 100 very fast, bottomed out on the street, jack knifed, then fire, then explosion as it hit the tree.  The video has been edited many times in the last couple of days, for example, the admittance by the Russian sounding woman admitting saying she didn't actually see it explode the first time.  This video is credited to LA NEWS LOUD LABS and can be found on LA Loud Lab's You Tube Channel.

I used to live in that area.  There is no way somebody in their right mind would purposely speed down this street, even at 4:20 am!  I imagine his accelerator and breaks were tampered with and a car bomb was involved most certainly for that kind of explosion upon hitting a tree front end.  Why also is his engine seen a good 50 yards away from the car on the side of the street?

I knew immediately that this was a "Hit", both logically and intuitively, and as I kept typing into the browser, "Michael Hasting's Murder Conspiracy", patiently waiting for others to catch on and write about it,  I knew it wouldn't be long, especially since it has the classic calling card of a CIA hit.  One man auto accident flaming flambeau style, car wrecks and burns all evidence of anything else in the car, making it difficult to identify the body as well, except by dental records.

You can almost feel the fear from the rest of the media, especially alternative media, wondering when they'll be next.  The reality becomes painfully clear, if they want you dead, you WILL be dead!  It may be a few years, but they WILL choose your final destiny for you.  There is a learned helplessness that develops in the mass consciousness because of the conscious OR unconscious recognition of this stark reality.  One commenter said it well in a brief sentence under an article about this case, "If they can do it to Michael Hasting's, they can do it to anybody." 

I haven't totaled up the number of journalists "disappeared" or murdered in the last decade but powers of observation tell me that these numbers are very high!  Threats are made against journalists on a daily basis and they do become somewhat de-sensitized to it.  Even Michael Hasting's comments in a old interview about the daily threats against him and how he's become immune to it.  A journalist with passion and integrity with a desire for the truth however, is a different lot all together.  And, I'm sorry to say, there don't appear to be many of these types around in our current society.  Every body is bought at some level.  

Michael Hasting's knew he was a Targeted Individual (TI) but he didn't let that stop him and now we will never know what he was working on or what else he could've accomplished in his short life.

All of the articles coming out spit out the basics of his career, complete with ruining the life and career of a General, and most recently, exposing the NSA and its violations of privacy to millions of American's, and the use of Drones in the U.S.  Just before he died, he exposed the fact that the government has already been using Drones to spy on US citizens for a long time.  His last article on Buzzfeed

James F Marino, blogger, had a more interesting view point from a TI's perspective, giving several ways the CIA could've created this crime using several methods, including but not limited to, Signals Intelligence.  He also compares his crash to that of Ananda Zaren, another TI due to her work in Homeopathy and Healing, who died in a fiery car crash in a new modern model Porsche.  Remind me to make my next car electronic free, I think I'll invest in an old 1957 Chevy instead of having a car that can be remote controlled at any time, against my will! In Ananda's case, thousands of people claim she healed them with energy work and homeopathy and I'm sure big Pharma (also connected to way too many black projects), wasn't very happy about that.

Here in my State, I've been told stories by Naturopath's here that are harassed and become victim's of State entities that don't want "their kind" in this state.  Let's just say that I live in the South and leave it at that.  I became a TI in my state due to my leadership of a non profit medical marijuana organization to bring Compassionate Act Laws to my State. I was trying to form a Southern coalition of sorts, getting all of the Southern States involved together to make it happen.  After showing up at my house to "talk" after I gave out a few cards at an Occupy protest in my State.  They said they smelled marijuana which I doubt very seriously, violated my 4th amendment rights.  Tried charging me with a felony because I took it upon my Second Amendment rights to own a fire arm while having a minor amount of herbal medicine in my possession for my MS and Migraines.  A note on MS and Migraines, MANY TI'S end up with both of these chronic diseases.  Inflammation in the brain or evidence of previous inflammation in the brain, creating brain lesions, is the hall mark symptom.  The lesions are due to the inflammation in the brain due to the disease.  OR, is the disease CAUSED by the inflammation?   My Dr feels certain that my headaches are due to mini electric seizures in my brain.  I won't give you too much info about myself but that ought to keep somebody busy.

Michael Hasting's death comes at a turning point in our future history as American's.
Just as much information is coming about regarding the NSA, DOD, POTUS and terrible crimes committed by these entities, people start dropping like flies and according to the NDAA these criminals crafted for their own benefits, now ANYBODY can be hit at any time for being "Anti Government" in the eyes of what ever leadership is in power at the time.  One thing is clear, Mr. Obama is not the man we thought he was.  They got to OBAMA too, don't you see it in his eyes?  Although he is taking part and being a perfect NWO (New World Order) puppet, even he has an expiration date.  In fact, I predict that he himself will be HIT by the same people he's used to HIT others himself.  I suspect this will finally occur at the end of 2013 after a few more scandals hit the press. 

Speaking of Targeted Individuals, Alex Jones took a couple of days to come around but it looks like he's "going there" too, as written by Paul J Watson.   Of course, I fully suspected he would since he knows how they work and do things.  Alex is a highly targeted and watched individual that they're trying to use Psy Ops against. They don't feel they can kill him, YET but they have a plan I think on ending his life.  My guess is a fast spreading cancer will eventually hit Alex.  Either that or a "crazy fan" with mental illness will be set up to kill him.

How many deaths will it take to wake people up?  How many more targeted individuals have to die before America wakes up and sees what's right in front of them?

Interesting that on the tails of this story is the outing of the TWA 800 story, which implicates the U.S. Navy of "accidentally" shooting down the flight that killed over 231 people, including young children, then covered it up by calling it a "faulty gas tank" after spending MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to "Investigate" it.  Not only did they shoot down the liner, they refused to help any possible survivors by abandoning the area.

You can hide from some of the people some of the time, but you can't hide from all of the people, all of the time!

Humanity IS waking up and soon the Revolution will erupt in full force as we take our land and our government back from the Tyrants that have taken too much power for themselves.  There's no way you can stop a revolution of consciousness and the consciousness of humanity is tired of having crimes committed in their names! They are tired of standing by while millions are slaughtered and sacrificed!

Stay tuned friends, Mr. Hastings was another murdered Paul Revere but the Revolution is still here and this time, there are MILLIONS of Paul Revere's, which is why you want an Internet Control Switch implemented now.

And now for the truly weird part of this story!

I have made a recorded, electronic/psi contact with Michael Hastings and he screams out, "Murder!" and many other things as well.  I'm transcribing it now.  I will take audio sections of any Class A or good Class B EVP's that I think you will be able to hear well with a pair of earphones and on loop. "Murder!" is a loud class A evp that is the first evp, 10 seconds into the audio, it comes in with a lot of static but this is common in an EVP.  I look forward to sharing these with you and I feel that he WANTS to talk and will have much more to say in the future. 

Please add yourself to my email list or join the blog to be notified of their posting.  

This week, I'll release my transcripts, I have now done 2 brief sessions.

For now, I can give you a few key phrases that seem to be uttered by the victim in his spirit state in response to my questions about what happened to him:

"Murder!"  (Class A, very clear!)
"Will they sleep when the bruises speak?"
"They Burn It!"
"Look for it"
"The Engine"
"Read my Book!"
"I can tell it with YOUR Book" - Perhaps a book will evolve from this, now that would be interesting!

Intriguing, isn't it?

The Dead are not truly dead, but wide awake.  We're the one's who slumber here.

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  1. My name is Marisa i am Target individual in Brazil, need help.


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