The Message Is Clear! All Journalists Are Now Potential Targeted Individuals

Those That Write Under Constitutional First Amendment Privileges, 

Are Now Potential Targets Thanks To The NDAA and Your Tyrannical Government!

That No-Fly List and Terror Watch List Just Gets Longer and Longer While Our List of Civil Liberties Become Shorter & Shorter!


As evidence continues to come forward that Michael Hastings was indeed being investigated by a "Federal Agency", it has become clear from friends and family that Michael Hastings' final days before the "accident" were tension filled and busy with at least one secret project in which he realized he needed to go "off the radar" for awhile.  He felt he was being harassed by the FBI who still maintain that he was not under investigation, officially anyway. 

The Jill Kelley piece of the puzzle has came forward with the information that Kelley's attorney had an appointment scheduled with Hasting's for next week.  According to the little bit of information that we have, he was working on a story regarding Jill Kelley and her beef with the NSA, whom she is suing for invading her privacy and outing her in public as an informant regarding the strange emails she received.  Instead, they set up a campaign of harassment against her. What ever he felt Kelley needed to say, was big enough to feel the need to lie low until the story broke.  And, it sounds like the details were being hashed between Hastings and Kelley's attorney.  No details are forth coming from attorney except to confirm they did have an appointment scheduled. 

The attention to the problems in the NSA have actually become full frontal because of this accident and I don't think it's having the desired effect that the murderers thought it would have.  

As more and more people come out of the closet, it's going to be harder and harder for them to just "disappear" people but the threat is always going to be there now, and the unspoken fear that these kinds of event instill in the consciousness of society, will be of a permanent nature unless something is done NOW to stop the madness, the lies, the secrets and the Selective Genocide!

Jennifer Hastings, a lawyer with WikiLeaks, says he emailed her 2 hours before the accident to say the "FBI is Investigating me".  His stories had been investigated 18 times in the past, as he stated in a former interview on TYT (The Young Turks) so I'm pretty sure all the same warning signs were there and he knew this story was too HOT to stick around LA.  Perhaps he was on his way out of town when the accident occurredHopefully his wife will have more information to share in coming days.  Heck, the Coroners haven't even been able to confirm that it IS him yetI can't imagine the pain they must be feeling right now.  

The warning shot was fired in this accident and by the way the media has responded and Not responded, makes it clear that all journalists and bloggers are prime targets now.  The TI (Targeted Individual) list grows daily, just as the No-Fly list, No Drive List, Hit List and any other kinds of lists they want to keep.  They're just going to dump everything you've ever texted, emailed, ordered, said, etc..into one big fishing net, "just in case" you ever "need" to be investigated for something and with every body now a possible "Terrorist" in this Country, nobody is safe.  

Freedom of the Press defines us as a free and open society and now, you can be silenced for digging for the truth, especially if it could effect OR affect "National Security" and the list of things that can go on that National Security list continue to grow by the day!  It could be anything from viewing a website that the ruling elite call "Anti Government"; a book you read, a song you wrote, a drawing you made, or something your child over heard you say in your home.  

The police state has arrived and their over confidence is bloated right now, and why shouldn't it be?!  We continue to let them pass draconian laws without looking twice because we can't keep with everything they are throwing through congress, and Congress can't keep up, or won't keep up either.  Often attached to bills that have nothing to do with the laws they're sneaking in. Say, Farm Bills!

 We must protect the free press at all costs or we will cease to exist as a free society!  But I expect those journalists to use that first amendment right to speak the TRUTH.  Any Journalist that is a speaking mouth for governmental policies that are unconstitutional should be ignored and frowned upon for being a slave journalist.  Journalists themselves have taken the First Amendment for granted, and so have the rest of us.
Because only 5 media conglomerates pretty much own all t.v., radio and newspaper media in our Country, it is hard to get true "Fair and Balanced" news.   But, thanks to the internet, anybody can be a journalist, investigator, videographer, photo journalist or radio show host.  But of course, we now have the "Internet Kill Switch" over our heads and they are determined to make it happen.  If that happens, we are done!  

The Revolution sits now upon every American & global citizen's front door, and as Clare Daly recently said so eloquently, "It's times like these you have to call things by their right names, and by any serious examination, Obama is a war criminal!" and the war is now upon American Citizens! I loved when she called the Parliament Pimps and hypocrits! I'd sure like to see this said on the congressional floor!

Here's the fabulous full 12 minute video:

A weird side note about Irish Americans:
 Ms Daly mentions are 35 million Irish Americans! I found that information in the video interesting in connection with my MiLab research. I also find it interesting that the majority of all reporting MiLab abductee's are also of Irish American descent.  Irish American's also have a higher incidence of MS and other autoimmune diseases than any other race.  Recently I read from an anonymous former MiLab scientist, that the DNA gene structure in Northern Europeans is easier to manipulate because of the lack of melanin production that northern Caucasians lack. Something about the melanin makes it harder to manipulate.  Irish Americans, especially those with mixed Indian blood have always been of interest to the government.  It appears that both Irish and Native American's, especially Cherokee, have a "psychic" gene and the two races combined make great PSI research subjects!  It turns out there was a lot of intermarriage between Cherokee and Irish in the 1700-1800's.