Welcome to MiLabs

Welcome to Exposing MiLabs

In the coming days, I will be creating a blog focused on the subject of MiLabs, Abuductees, Secret Military Projects, including PSI experiments and secret genetic experiments and the illegal torture of human beings, including new born children, and animals under the guise of research.

I am writing a book based on my experiences, which lead to receiving information from discarnate entities, aka "Spirits",  about what has been happening in the United States and Globally for decades, unaware by the public; Secrets!  This information is "recorded"information in the form of Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP's. 


I am also seeking stories of those that feel that they are MiLab victims, or Alien Abductees and have memories of being tested and used for their psychic ability. 

For protection and safety, I am going through several protocols to protect my identity online, yes, even with a (DHS controlled),  Google based blog.  You can do it too!

I invite you to email me with your stories which will be kept anonymous to protect you and those you love.  

My goal is not to "PROVE" anything, but to put out the information, inter-weaved with my unique experience and perspective.  

All emails will be read and responded to but please have your thoughts somewhat organized before filling up a long email. 

I look forward to hearing from all of those that have a story to tell. 

In the meantime, I've downloaded a few pertinent video's.