Youtube Video Lays Out Summary of Why Michael Hastings' Wreckage Shows Bomb Evidence

It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist! 

Stay Tuned Here For The Latest Updates on Michael Hastings' Death and some forthcoming 
Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP's) recorded with Michael's own shouts of "Murder!" from beyond the veil of illusion that We currently call, "Reality!"  

I need a volunteer techie to help me with getting the evp's onto video format, Fast!  or

I'd also like to give a shout out to Cenk @The Young Turks for a fabulous 10 minute monologue about his personal thoughts & feelings in regards to Michael Hastings, whom he had personally interviewed in the recent past.  As Cenk Uynger notes, "Mr. Hastings talked of these targeted threats against him in just about every interview he did, both on air and off."  

He was aware of the risks, and still determined to be a real investigative journalist!
Btw, it is not an accident that suddenly occured at 4:20 am.  These folks love their symbolism.  That they chose his age, 33 is another example of popular Illuminati styled symbolism and it insinuates he was a sacrifice "for the greater good."  They speak the truth through the symbols and images and they do this on purpose.   4:20 was a slight message to the Rolling Stones Magazine and their assistance in publishing the work that got Gen. Stanley McChrystal Fired in 2010.  It was a warning to the editor's of Rolling Stone and all other investigative journalists. 

The 4:20 timing is also a warning to marijuana activists.

Apparently CNN did a brief "investigative" piece tonight as well with a full 3 minute expose.