Targeted Individual Adam Kokesh Arrested Again in Home Invasion Swat Style Raid Hours After Speaking Out On Air!

Just a few hours after activist Adam Kokesh went on the Alex Jones show speaking of liberty, humanitarianism, and corrupt government.  Watch this Interview for clues as to why the U.S. Government would involve at least 4 branches of law enforcement, helicopters and armed military police!

It's been reported by AdamvstheMan staff, that Adam asked to use the bathroom politely and was kicked to the ground!

I personally began making calls on his behalf this morning and the response by the Herndon police department was inexcusable!

I'll report on this further below.


We're You Taking Notes? 

Adam's first arrest occurred last month in Philadelphia when he attended a Cannabis Freedom rally in a big public show by the park police.  They arrested him at 4:20 of course.  Also note that Michael Hasting's suspicious flambe' style death occurred at 4:20 am.  Mr. Hastings wrote for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Below is an interview of Michael Hasting's by The Young Turk's Cenk Uyger, and Steve Corbett of the Corbett Report, where he talks about his explosive article in the Rolling Stone regarding General Patraeus, who retired when the article came out.  Many heads rolled because of his article/s in Rolling Stone.

 I bring this connection of Adam Kokesh to Michael Hastings together for a purpose.

Adam Kokesh is another fearless writer and radio personality that is being warned in a big, public way.  Kokesh has hundreds of thousands of fans and this is a clear and present warning to all whistleblowers and civil rights activitsts; especially those that insist on holding on to Constitutional values and ideals. 

In Kokesh's case, he was harassed and arrested in June, not because he was on stage encouraging civil disobedience again.  He had recently announced a D.C. rally scheduled for July 4, 2013 that involved bringing a loaded gun to DC for a 2nd Amendment Right's Rally.  He made it clear that this was not a call for violence but of standing up for civil rights.  Yet still, the police state found it as an accuse for illegal arrest and harassment.  

After this video made last week by Kokesh while loading his Gun in DC was a bold move, though not an illegal move.  I knew as soon as I saw it that he was going to be in big trouble again. But, a huge late night raid? Complete with helicopters, armed military, park rangers, (DC?) and others.  Here's the video that has caused this massive Police State strike on Kokesh. 

 Is Kokesh on his way to being another Michael Hastings because he refuses to be a sheeple?

Some think Kokesh, because he is Jewish and has a wealthy father, is simply a "tool" by Israel! The anti-jew/anti-Israel crowd is big in conspiracy theory circles.  Personally, there's no reason in this kind of attack, especially concerning Kokesh who has continued to prove himself over and over again as a true Liberty Minded Individual!   

This is what they are suppressing, get this friends! 

Last night he spoke of true Libertarianism and Humanitarianism, aka "#Peopleism"; my new favorite term borrowed by outrageous,  liberty minded Roseanne Barr on Twitter this week.     

He spoke of the police state, injustice & harassment and 3 hours later is arrested.  NOT for the DC video, but for the "Narcotics" they found in his home when they raided him.  The war on drugs allows them to enter without probable cause and harass any vocal pro cannabis or pro drugs advocate.  I have experienced this harassment myself.  

Haters in comment sections under this information and similar stories,  at other sites love to laugh about how crazy and stupid "conspiracy theorists" are, coming out like roaches each time stories like this are reported on alternative news media sites.  
To me, that only proves the toolish-ness of their presence. 

Here's a recent morning exchange between myself & the so called "more intelligent" posters on Infowars.Com, where I found the Kokesh article. 
Text of Exchange on Infowars.  This is just one example of many responses that basically just told me I was crazy or stupid for giving information.

 Exposing Milabs • 2 hours ago −
FURIOUS! I just called the 202#, they think this is all a big joke. Amused by the whole thing. Here's pretty much how the call went:
"Yes, I'd like to ask that you release Adam Kokesh Immediately"
Her: "O really?"
"Yes really, he has civil rights and human rights and they've both been violated."
Her: "O really?"
"Yes, really!" I don't think you guys realize how this is going to inflame millions of American's, especially because of the way this was done!"

Her again: "O really?" (each time with a condescending, snide laugh)

"Yes maam, really!"

Her: "Is this all you have to do?"

"No maam, I have a lot more to do and will be doing more in the future!"

Her: "O really?"

I hung up at this point.
I could tell she was trying to piss me off with her cool, amused head and I could feel myself welling up to call her a bitch and say a few other choice words but I knew I'd been on the phone long enough and I felt certain that she has been trained to be this way. Probably CIA trained since it was all so amusing to her.

I suggest calling from a voip #, I didn't, wish I had.
I guarantee you, this is a catch line to catch people's phone numbers and likely recorded to get a patriotic American to make a threat!

Please make sure you don't lose your cool. State the facts and make your demand/request but be careful!

With that said, I hope MILLIONS Will Call, starting with everyone here. If you are one of those die hards on this board that likes to talk about ACTION, this is your time for action!
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DontBelieveTheLiars  Exposing Milabs • 2 hours ago
You're stupid slave mind is probably the kind to turn around and ask the plantation master not to whip you so hard; yet you continue to bend over and let him. So fcking stupid.
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 Here's a more reasonably written critique of Kokesh.

Tim • 8 minutes ago −
"The smoke surrounding the self-admitted anarchist Adam "the Constitution is useless" Kokesh sounds more false-flag by the day.

So far Sgt. Psyop has managed to make gun owners, oath keepers, returning war veterans, conservatives, libertarians, the truth movement, Ron Paul supporters appear to be drugged out radicals who want to destroy everything our Founding Fathers stood for.

Frankly I very tired of the media, alternative & mainstream giving this trendy wanna-be coverage that appears to give Sgt. Psyop credibility." Poster

It's interesting to see the exchange of opinions.  

What I find most fascinating by so many of Jones' own fans is that they seem to only believe in civil liberties when it involves their own race, religion, or political persuasion.  

Kokesh is an active Libertarian who is fighting for his rights and the rights of others but these sofa sitters that have nothing to do but criticize others efforts at bringing attention to the illegality of current police state methods of harassment and arrest, can only sit back and interject with ignorant remarks about God, Jesus, Jew Hating, Racial Hatred, & a know it all attitude about everything we say.  

One writer said, "Conspiracy much?" I'm surprised he was able to put the two words together actually.  

Yes, this is a conspiracy, and so is Michael Hasting's death!

The paid trolls are out in full force and in-filtrate such boards to the point of hacking my Discus account this week and posting in my name and then commenting to the post they made, to me, inflaming others on the board.  If this has happened to me, it can happen to you.  I have outed Discus member "roostercrow4" of doing this to my account and have reported it but I doubt I'll ever hear from Disqus.  Good luck figuring out my password now rooster cock boy!

My passion pre-ceeds me and I'm mad as hell at the treatment of Kokesh and other U.S. Citizens by the U.S. Government right now!  

They have gone above and beyond their duties as law enforcers.  While you scoffers sit in your glass houses throwing stones,  9 Million American Prisoners Sit in American Jails, 70% for Simple Drug Crimes, 70% of which are Cannabis related imprisonments.   Millions more are harassed on a yearly basis and threatened with prison! 

If that fact doesn't bring out the real American in you, then you are just one of the "Sheeple" that you like to label with ignorant, expletive sentiments at your leisure while your glass house crumbles down around you.  

It's time to get Mad, America!