Dream Prediction for November 4, 2013 - A Big Explosion That Kills Thousands Of People in U.S.

Be Prepared For Anything, NOW!

Last year (2012) I put my reputation online when I predicted hurricane Sandy publicly and it was a risk I was glad I took, since in some reader's mind's it added to the legitimacy of my psychic abilities; of which clairvoyance is dominant, and has been since I was 3 years old.  

There has been so much that I want to share with you about myself but I find it difficult to risk myself.   I am quite fragile physically and they've been targeting me since early childhood from what I am aware.  Who exactly "they" are, I still don't understand, but I do believe it's more than just one group.  And, I suspect these groups oppose one another.  The targeting escalates when I become more of an activist, and begin sharing with people my psychic awarenesses and intuitive feelings about what is to come, as well as put out documentation of the secrecy of our Government.  Seriously! 3 days after I began this blog,  In June, I became deathly ill, and I do mean deathly! I really thought I might die at one point.  My neurologist has diagnosed it as an MS relapse, and I tried holding on to that "comforting?" thought but from everything I've experienced these past few years, the timing of the illness that made me lose 25 lbs in just a few weeks (not that I didn't need to lose it), and took me to the edge of what I can physically endure, I knew I had to consider that "they" were back!  I fought with them in my head saying, "Fuck You, whoever is doing this! I am more than my body, and I am more than my brain!"  Always feeling like a crazy woman each time I shouted it out inside and externally.  I've truly never been that sick and I've been sick a lot since 2008, when the true strangeness began.

In June, just after my illness was beginning to let up, I had a very vivid dream.  I knew it was one of "those" dreams because of the lucidity and vividness of my dream, even though it seemed to be a very quick flash of a dream, within a dream. 

In this dream, there were approximately 5 men standing around in suits, seemingly American, talking, and I had snuck up on them to listen because I knew it was important.  They were standing next to old, wooden barrels and at times, I wondered if I had gone back to the past as I felt I was in an old western town of sorts.  Perhaps an Astral Town with clues?

As I got closer, I  hear them talk of doing something terrible but what exactly it was, I couldn't discern, only that it had something to do with igniting explosions.  Then, I heard a man say, "So we agree then? It will be November 4." All the men uttered & shook their heads in agreement.  I looked to my right and there were people walking around as if in a small city; shopping, talking, etc.  I wanted to warn them and started shouting "November 4th, Remember November 4th!" in part so I wouldn't forget consciously this important date.  I woke up startled & bothered.

Unfortunately I am not aware of any further clues about this date.  However, I was triggered over this weekend by something I saw and heard and I feel that now is the time to "share it with the people", like in the dream.  That way, I've said it and have played my part.  The rest is up to the people that hear this message.  

Whatever it is that comes in is massive.  My dreams always involve mass events! It's been that way since I was young. I am somehow tuned into the mass consciousness in a way that helps me to do this, psychically, spiritually and emotionally.  I am by nature a strong Empath so I think this has a lot to do with my ability to tap in this way.  Something in me wants to lessen people's probability for pain and suffering. 

When I give a public prediction, please know that from that point on, I detach from it in a sense.  I feel relieved even, to have given it.  At that point, I wipe my hands so to speak and go about waiting to see if it happens.  If it doesn't happen, I'm simply happy that it didn't.  My ego is not involved in being right.  I understand that timelines change and ever never stable.  That one person reading this, could change the timeline and turn events in another direction.  That a mass consciousness determined not to see this happen, can change EVERYTHING within the illusion.

But, I've also been shown in dreams that you can't stop what's coming sometimes.  That, if you do stop what seems like a terrible main event that includes the loss of life, it often, if not always, finds a way to pop up again, somewhere else in the timeline.  This is the only way I can find to express it.  

The spirit world once told me very clearly on an audio eve in 2009, "What happens there, effects us here", and that has imbedded itself into my mind.  I think of it every time something happens here.  How are we affecting other realties right now?  Why do those other realities try so hard to interact with those of us who are receptive?  And, how does their reality there effect US, HERE? 
Those questions gets added to the hundreds of other questions I have.  

While I try to understand, I am thirsty for information that triggers something in my awareness.  

What is triggering your awareness right now? 

Everyone is talking about October 1st but I feel a BIG false flag will arrive on November 4, specifically.  I hope I will be wrong! I do feel there will be some minor events in October that will shake things up for the Big November Surprise. 

Note that I also dreamed just recently that something big had occurred in the US and Russian Soldiers were here guarding things and doing crowd control. Everyone showed up to a big stadium and we were going to be told what was going on.  I found the presence of the Russian Soldiers very disturbing and didn't trust it.  For some reason, while walking along looking at all of them, in the front of them, where I knew I wasn't supposed to be, I asked one of the soldiers, who was keeping the crowd behind him, "Am I ok here?" (being on the wrong side of the crowd), and he nodded "yes."  In other words, I wasn't part of the crowd, and was walking freely on the other side of the line.  

Earlier dreams of Russians being on US soil lead me to think that US Citizens are stupid. They laugh at us for being such sheep.