Masked Angels & $6 Apples After the Explosion From the East

The dreams continued in 2008, as did my chronic migraines that seemed to begin with both my psychic awakening & the pre diagnosis of symptoms from my MS that would be diagnosed officially in 2009.

The next series of prophetic dreams began later in 2008 and they were quite a lot to take in psychically.

The first dream begins with a huge nuclear type explosion that comes from the East coast.  In my dream, I see a huge blue light exploding in the sky and as I stand geographically in Tennessee, I know this has come from the East and involves the Middle East conflicts.

I see cities in the north east and everything is on fire, and everywhere in the East,  there is complete destruction and nobody seems to be alive.

People feel a need to move West to evade the fall out; literally walking to the West Coast!

Suddenly, after this begins, there are angelic like beings flying around, pouring out something from handled pitchers onto the people, and they are dying.  The oddest thing about them is that they are wearing hard, plastic masks.  The yellow liquid turns into a yellow dust destroying anything it touches. My personal encounter involved an angel preparing to pour this substance onto me and me commanding it to stop; which it did.

The next part of the dream series involves America looking like a 3rd world nation.  People are literally killing people over food and gasoline!  Gangs are everywhere and you either choose a Gang or "Family" to be a part of, or you're on your own with seeking resources. It's a no win situation either way.

I become aware that both the government and "Gangs" find psychics very valuable. Psychics are hunted down by some, highly honored by others. The new abilities came with the total destruction, as a natural human evolution triggered by a deep survival instinct. I suspect the early hominids may have had these kinds of abilities in the harsh landscape they survived.

I now see people standing in very long lines at what seem like recycle stations.  Plastic of all things, is considered valuable and can be traded in for "Food Credits."  I am standing in this line and as I turned in my plastic milk jugs, I was given a credit for $12. "Wow!" I thought, "$12 for a few plastic jugs? Cool!"

Next, I went to a market to find food and I discovered out that 1 single apple costs me a $6 food credit.  I recall being shocked as I walked around the market at the outrageous prices and as I walk, I wonder how we ever let it come to this!?

In this future, or paralell reality; I still couldn't tell which. I see police drones all over the sky.  The country seems to be divided into 2 camps; Those that take Government Assistance and go within cities that are 100% controlled, physically keeping people in; and then those that refuse to be controlled for the sake of comfort; the Rebels.  A lot of the Rebels are really violent and they're causing issues for the peaceful that just want to be left alone; causing the police to come down hard on any community that might harbor Rebels.  But, if you want protection out in this unbridled world, you better pick a "Gang" to contribute to, and become loyal to.  Many become trapped by this; not being free and uncontrolled after all. Especially those that can't fend for themselves and fight.

This seemed to be another prophetic psychic dream that I didn't know how to process but yet again, 5 years later, the dream world begins to paint a reality that humanity is on the verge of creating in this very moment; the seeds sowed many years ago by our New World Order leaders, the hidden, and the public leaders.  By the way, I dreamed that the Government that remained was living under ground in hidden cities, living luxuriously, and the cities had been built long ago!

Just 3 days ago, several nuclear weapons were transferred from Texas to South Carolina in some kind of Black Ops game.  They were taken without being signed for!!  The very next day, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) made a reference that a nuclear bomb could hit South Carolina if we do not take action in Syria!  The timing made my skin crawl!

Some have offered that there is a nuclear warhead dis assembly/breakdown plant in SC and this is just some old war heads being disabled.  I call B.S!  There is just too much secrecy around this and again, the timing is unbelievable.

Is our military abusing our trust again?  What kind of black op is being planned to help the U.S. Obama Administration keep its war on Syria in focus?  Expect a false flag soon.  I'm talking a 9-11 style false flag!  

On the Eve of the August 21 chemical attacks, I awoke suddenly, jumping out of my bed, hitting at my skin in long, quick strokes, the burning was everywhere, but it wasn't my MS this time; it was a psychic, empathic burning.  I started yelling out to my husband, "Something's coming, it's bad, it's really really bad! People are burning, it hurts so bad! Honey this is BIG whatever it is, like 9-11 big!"  He had heard my dreams and what a voice told me that early morning of 9-11-2001 and after 20 years married, he still doesn't know what to do when I go into that kind of state, brought on by a half sleeping state that was awakened, by him, trying to fix the sheet corners on our bed while I slept.  

When I heard of the terrible chemical attacks, I knew that much more was to come.  I also felt immediately that this involved another big deception; just like 9-11.  I knew intuitively things were not exactly what they seemed.

Please pay attention to your dreams!  We do our work there, even starting wars begins there!  Indeed, we create our collective reality there. Your dreams will guide you where you need to be at the right time, if only you pay attention and start working on remembering them.  We ALL have the ability to dream lucidly; receiving future information.  In fact, we can "time travel" in the astral body realm!

In the coming days, many more people will be bombarded by dreams and new abilities that they don't understand fully.  Do not be afraid!  Know that your higher God self, is guiding you even now.  Our God Self is aligned to universal balance, regardless of the names we might use to define "God". 

I hope this sharing helps you go inward, to seek truth in whatever way you are able.