Potential War With Syria & Changing The Landscape of America's Future

I had to go several weeks before replacing a laptop that bit the dust and this is the first time I've been able to write in some time, but during this time, the world has heated up and things are currently about to explode.

In the past I've mentioned psychic ability and experiences that have led me to my current view of world events.  Today I would like to share a lucid dream that I had in 2008.  I am watching my dream of 5 years ago come true and I realize now that the dream is not one to keep to myself, but one to share.  I hope you will keep an open mind and consider what this dream means.  To me, it's pretty clear.

In 2008, I awoke from a dream in a sweat that had disturbed me to my very core.

I had dreamed that I was in the Middle East somewhere and war was going on.  A lot of air strikes were occurring to the people there and I saw that America was striking this area.  Then, I am back in the US and war is going on here as well and I hear a voice say clearly, "It's what your Country does in Syria that brings this".  I am very upset, trying to find a safe place to go.  I see a house made of glass and I go inside and wonder how I will stay safe in a clear, glass house.  The voice then says,"People in glass houses...." and I finished the sentence "Shouldn't throw stones."  I woke up suddenly in a big sweat and knew that I had experienced another prophetic dream.

When I discovered that we, the U.S. were financially financing the civil war in Syria, by financing the rebels; including Al Qaeda and several other Islam factions such as Hamas, I thought that was the fulfillment of the dream that would bring war here at home.  And yes, this was the beginning of that fulfillment.  But now, we find ourselves on the brink of War War III because of our interferences with Syria's government vs. rebel uprising.

Today, the world is on edge as Russia brings warship to the Eastern Mediterranean, The U.S. fills up the area with war ships, and even North Korea is threatening to add to the anti u.s. line up.

This is about more than Syria, as is clear to anybody that's been watching world events.

The United States has become an Imperialist Threat to any country that won't play by our "Democratic" rules.  And yet, our leaders say if they decide to attack Syria, it will be with our without approval of Congress and the American people living here, paying the taxes that will continue to finance this attack!  The American people risk being hated more by the International community, and, they risk their very lives!

If this war brings foreign attacks to our Country because of all the mistakes made in the middle east over Obama's Red Line Pride, and making sure we do what we say, regardless if the timing is right or not, risks the lives of ALL AMERICANS!  Now, and in the Future!

I did an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) session yesterday and asked the spirits if we would have a war with Syria.  The answer was, "If you believe it so."  An interesting response, indicating that it's still uncertain and whether we do or not, the decision will based on our collective beliefs.

I for one, believe that the tide can still change.  That this "Red Line" can be investigated more fully and that America will address its own abuses, before attacking another Country without solid proof; instead of circumstantial "evidence" that they won't even share, even though the Rebels have taken responsibility for the attack/s as an "accident", and claiming these weapons came from Saudi Arabia (our allies).  This revelation isn't even mentioned in these "hearings"!

The World is tired of being lied to and we're not falling for it this time!
Our "Core Interests" have nothing to do with National Security and Everything to do with strategic oil pipelines and resource raping of another sovereign nation that has decided to fight against the NWO, as stated on the Syrian Government's own home page.  Libya was another one of these Countries that wouldn't play ball with the NWO, so they took down Gadhaffi, even though we paid "Rebels" again, including Al Qaeda rebels to create civil unrest and accuse Gadhaffi of crimes against humanity that they themselves were creating.

Yesterday's day long congressional discussions repeatedly referred to those against this "action" as "Arm Chair Isolationists" and inferred that those against this action are "Inhumane" for wanting these chemical weapon violations to continue by the Assad regime.

Double Speak has been the dominant theme through out these "discussions" in recent days, and never has the BS been thicker in Congress and in the Media.

Know this!  If the United States bombs Syria, We WILL be attacked in the US and be forced to defend ourselves. If this occurs, a nuclear bomb WILL go off and millions will die.  That's the RED LINE!

People in glass houses; hypocrites, shouldn't throw stones!  Unless they want to see their glass houses exposed and destroyed!

Ask yourself, is setting up Syria with a Red Line Speech, then making sure the red line is seen as crossed a matter of throwing stones?  Looking at the spec in their eye, while a log remains lodged in our own collective eye?!

The time is here!  The time to rebel against hypocrisy and right out lies is here now!  It's time for an American Spring!!

Not In OUR Name! Not With OUR Tax Dollars!  Not With Our Soldiers!

The time is now to be heard and 90% of America has said NO!  Don't accept "Yes We Can, with or without your approval!"  Continue to say NO, even if you have to take to the streets!

It's not just our lives at stake, but the future of America and our children and many generations at stake. The entire landscape of America is at risk!  What kind of America do you want to live in tomorrow?

What happens now determines your future, and that of America's Future!  

What America do you wish to leave to the the future?

Both your actions and non actions will determine this future!