Was The Naval Yard Shooter A Targeted Individual Turned Convenient Patsy?

Aaaron Alexis; another shooter with "mental problems"?! How convenient for the gun grabbers! And, what a nice distraction it was for Obama when this interrupted his worst 2 weeks in office, ever!

Because of the number of what seem to be "triggered assassins",  by anyone with their antenna up, I knew immediately that this was another one of "those" events.  As the frequency of these outrageous events become more frequent, the louder the 2nd amendment shouters get.  Now, with modern technology and well trained agents, antibody's reality can be rocked at any moment the secret government elite chooses to use an individual citizen for its own purposes.

We are always left with unanswered questions and those that question too much, can always be called a terrorist now that we live in a modern, privacy free society.  In fact, it turns out that even our thoughts are no longer our own, and they can be grabbed, inserted and re programmed with simple frequency modulation aimed at our bodies, either intentional or otherwise, just living and struggling with the massive amounts of radiation, ELF, EMF, Microwave and all other waves of harmful energy harnessed and scattered through out the planet due to our desire to progress to better improved, fast, communication.  We have progressed and some people are having a very hard time adjusting their bodies to all the incoming frequencies bouncing around everywhere.  These people make great scapegoats and patsy's because they're easy to manipulate with these same energies.  If the victim has PTSD too, well, they get a double bargain, and if he happens to be former Navy and until just recently a contracted civilian worker for the US Navy

These seemingly paranoid rantings are no longer conspiracy anymore, but proven fact!  It turns out this has been  going on since the 1950's, but don't take my word for it.  Warning, A few key words in a google browser will send you on a journey down the rabbit hole that may last for many years, fracturing the perceptions of your current view of reality.

Dr. Barry Trower, a physicist, who has worked for both the CIA & MI6, has considerable amounts of research materials and scientific documentation on this topic, including government sponsored MKUltra research on microwave  & other frequency weapon research.  He strikes me as a man who knows what he's talking about.  Warning! If you watch this video through to the end, your brain will become aware and informed of this serious issue.  You will never see the energies & frequencies that surround you the same way again. There is no time now for "Active Denial!" Our children's future's are at stake!

Watch this video then ask yourself: "Is it POSSIBLE or PROBABLE that Aaron Alexis was a victim of electromagnetic harassment and targeting?" Then ask yourself if you're willing to take a jump down the frequency rabbit hole to learn the truth for yourself.


             Recorded Dec. 2012, length, 235 minutes

At 1:05 He gives some good advice on protecting yourself from electronic harassment & microwave energy, elf's, emf's, etc.. They even have protective Bras!

He also warns about metal bed springs being carriers of these energies.

In a time when the abuses of the NSA are now public, it's time to become fully aware, so that we can   
collectively stop these secret crimes! It's not just a smart phone that  can put you at risk of becoming a victim of blackmail, mind control programming, induced mental illness, or like Aaron Alexis, turned into a killer.

This is a secret cold war on the population of the planet by the US and other UN countries!  IT'S ALL ABOUT TOTAL CONTROL!  

"He said, now if you want to take over a country, all you have to do is set up mast towers" - Barry Trower