Alien Abductee Under Hypnosis - Believe it or Not!

Whether or not you can believe this man's hypnosis is real or not, I encourage you to watch it all the way through before you make your analysis.  Then, I invite you to respond below the post and start a discussion. 


As an Abductee myself, or preferably stated, an "experiencer", I can confirm that when you begin remembering, it is like reliving trauma of a very real kind and it's hard to express but the emotions you feel as you describe an altered world experience that involves the grabbing of genetic material and manipulation of your being, you truly can not imagine until you have experienced it.  The PTSD people go through due to these experiences and reliving the trauma again is very intense!  

Whether it is an "imaginary" world or not, please understand me, that this is very real to the experiencer so to laugh at him or even bitch that you can't understand him, is really useless, Note that you will have to keep your mind open to alternate realities that we might exist in simultaneously; because of the quantum physics of truth; that really, there is no time, and that we exist in many dimensions at once, without the restrictions of time.  You will also have to be willing to consider that we are not just physical beings, having a physical experience, but we are spiritual beings, having a physical experience, FOR our spiritual being(ness).  I know that sounds a bit hokey to some, but just consider it.  Those of us who have had a great deal of paranormal experiences of many kinds, have to learn very quickly to consider and accept the ideas I've just mentioned.  The bible, nor any other Religious text and philosophy just do not satisfy these questions we gain from our own unexplainable, but very real experiences.  With some experiences, leaving physical proof!  For me it was a scoop mark in my buttocks, among other things.  NO you can not see the picture, sorry!  At 21 I would of shown it off but not anymore! And, I did show it off, many times in my childhood and early adult hood.  You can hear more about this under the tab, "My Story" which has had 2 postings so far.  You may follow along as I begin sharing it now.  

As always, I encourage your feedback about anything I post up here.  I also encourage you to share your story with me in whatever way you are comfortable.  

I have put out an add in my home state of TN on craigslist for an abductee support group in the Nashville, TN or Mid-State area. Anyone from my area interested in connecting, please do.

I am discussing with Joanne Summerscales about the idea helping to start a US based AMMACH (UK) hotline & support group for persons who want to talk about their experiences and heal from them.  Please check out her website in the AMMACHUK link above.

You may now find me on Skype @ southern-exposure or Kim West (maiden).  I am willing to speak to anybody that wants to talk.  Just request contact from there or email me from my bottom link to the right of this post.  

I also offer my services as a trained Holistic Intuitive Life Coach and I am available for psychic readings upon request.  My readings are unique, thorough & holistic in scope and are available for $120 for approximately a 1 hour session.  All major credit cards accepted including Paypal & even Bitcoin.