Bases 22 Solaris BlueRaven Synthetic Telepathy Part One

I've listened to a few hours worth of this woman's story and I find it the most fascinating TI story I've heard yet!  The "Scanning" of 2004 that she describes seems eerily familiar to my own in early 2008! This is also when my severe, chronic migraines began that plague me at this very moment.  The more I look into this kind of information, the worse the migraine's get.  I spent last night throwing up because of the intensity and this morning, especially after listening to this; I wonder if there's any way to win!

As she describes, Psychic individuals and those elevating their consciousness and energy body are at highest risk. Nothing is hidden now, all energy is surveilled!  My dreams of the future have shown that psychic individuals will increase in number due to an inherit need for future survival, but they will be hunted like animals by the powers that be.  I guess it's already being done.

My own activity seemed to come on line with this kind of insane physical force,  as I became a vocal Marijuana  & Hemp Activist and leader in my home state in 2008. It also coincided with the appearance of new PSI (psychic) ability, migraines and a diagnosis of MS.  Both of these illnesses involve my nervous system, which seems to have been taken to the brink since 2008.  And, perhaps many years before.  In 2012 it again intensified when I began doing public psychic readings in my home town.  Needless to say, I now live like a hermit whenever possible! But I can't stop my curiosity and my desire to know the truth and to alert others to the insanity that must end!

I've you've been where I have, or where Blue Raven has, (legal name change, from Katrina) you might be willing to look a little crazy in order to alert the masses.

Whether you believe her story or not, you owe it to yourself to listen and consider.  I know it sounds nuts but believe me, the entire truth, is crazier than anything you could ever imagine!!

Blessings on the soul of Miriam Carey! Perhaps one of the victims of their sick game, I'm now convinced.  I'm investigating this story right now and plan to post an investigative report in the next 48 hours if only my migraine will abate!

QuWave Harmonizer on the way! If this works, more information on using pulsed Scalar energy waves for protection against their sick assaults!