Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fukushima Water Radiation Doubles Overnight | Common Dreams

Fukushima Water Radiation Doubles Overnight | Common Dreams

We are in trouble, world!  
I've had dreams and visions that soon, some just before Fukishima, billions of fish will die, floating on the ocean, to be scooped up and "processed".  Many of the Cetaceans (Dolphins) will be in this group.  I wept as I watched, and a voice said, "This was allowed to happen. This was planned!" I became enraged!  Then woke up. It's happening now and those tuned into whale and dolphin energy have already heard their cries.  

However, just this morning, while on vacation at Orange Beach, AL, I had several dolphin visitors playing in front of my beach front condo.  I've been a regular visitor here for years, and never have I witnessed such a spectacular event here before! So, Life is still Good, with its many, unexpected blessings.  

Please consider becoming more globally aware where our ocean is concerned.  What affects one, affects all!

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