Government Shutdown: The Morning After Hangover!

Wow! What a day October 1st was! It will surely go down as the most intense day in American Politics and boy do I feel like I have a hangover! 

Addicted to my Twitter feed yesterday, I, like so many American's were shooting from the hip during the 24 hour madness! I found myself being too emotional and finally pulled my self away for a few hours, only to keep searching the entangling World Wide Spider Web for more information, like an obsessive addict that needed a fix! A few regrets, but I'm mainly sorry for the hangover migraine I have today from spending all day on the laptop AND on TV at the same time! The ELF's (Extra Low Frequency) waves were bombarding me from every electronic device I own.

Knowing better of course, after paying the price many times before, but passion and liberty have their own ideas about what's necessary and worth the risk of body, mind and spirit. 

Today, October 2, is slightly less intense in social media circles, but the concerns every American has regarding the shut down and ObamaCare, have stayed the same.  

We have become like children, fighting on a playground, with our paid leaders, BOTH parties, holding our country hostage!  Obama said in his live address yesterday, "The Republican's are holding the american people hostage!", so a white flag was offered by the Republican house leader, John Boehner, to discuss compromises on funding certain government programs, like Vets and children's cancer research.  At least until we can all come to reasonable, fair agreements, but "No!" said Obama.  "We will not compromise!"  Isn't that exactly what the President accused the Republicans of? No Compromise?!  So who is holding who hostage? 

The heart wrenching propaganda was on by early morning, with the major media and democrat leaders talking about all the suffering children that would die because of this!  I had predicted this was on its way moments before I saw this so my tweet was a confirmation of what I'd already posted. I couldn't resist giving ABC a scolding! 

  1. For every week that the continues, 10 children with cancer will not be able to begin their clinical trials:
  2. Here come da suffering children stories! Expect Obama to quote this soon to tug at the heart strings of all evil Republicans!
  3. Image will appear as a link
  4. I care Jack believe me, but it's the shamelessness of it, not to mention the lie that 10 children a wk will die!

I have become a passionate big mouth and sometimes I probably look a bit schizo regarding my political ideals.  I have a lot of anger and frustration about where I see our Country going but the one thing I have in common with everyone is the fact that I CARE about what happens in our future, and for our children and grandchildren.  I honestly can't say that those in power all feel the same however. I want to believe we have this in common, but actions speak louder than words. 

Be aware that Emotions also speak louder than words!  

More than ever, I feel the American people MUST find common ground on these serious issues.  Instead of continuing on a divisive path, led by a divisive house!  

The conversations we have today, will determine our future tomorrow! Not just OUR future, but that of many generations! 

The propaganda needs to be recognized for what it is when journalists, Congressional leaders and Presidents speak with deceit.  People all on sides of the issue are doing this.  In order to see it, you have to back away from it and see the forrest for the trees!  

On a positive note, I'm actually encouraged by some of the opportunities this time affords us all.  This is a good time to set back and observe, do our own research and be willing to consider somebody else's rights and opinions too.  The name calling and blame game must end.  BOTH political parties are responsible for this issue! To blame one another is not going to fix anything! 

Onward Through The Fog!