Russell Brand Vs. Jeremy Packman BBC Interview

This is a must listen interview with actor/comedian Russell Brand.  

Several months ago, just before Mr. Brand went on MSNBC and caused his first uproar, by being honest and calling them on their shit, I had a dream about him that was very surreal. 

In this dream, he was inside a home made, cardboard tv, much like a child would make when playing theater, puppets, or pretend tv.  I came up close to it and he was being very funny but he was also very angry and he was telling me, "I'm tired of the puppet theater!" There were other ideas exchanged that are actually brought up in this below video interview with he and Jeremy Packman, BBC.  

This is another example of the idea I've been putting out to all readers, that we are more than our bodies, we are more than our physical brain.  The mind is limitless and time does not exist within our subconscious mind.  This is where dreams are made.  

I hope you love this interview as much as I have. 

Russell Brand is a creative genius and a compassionate, caring human being who has found his platform.  May he continue his message. 

In personal news, I am at Orange Beach, AL and I was blessed with a group of dolphins just outside my condo this morning; playing and having fun! A priceless gift! I celebrated my 20 year wedding anniversary last night which is why I'm on vacation.  I'm having a great time.