The Burning of America: In The Eyes of The Mentally Ill

Any human being on this planet with any sensitivity whatsoever knows that things are changing, and not just with what we see with our physical eyes, but what we FEEL emotionally, psychically and collectively! Those that suppress these feelings and knowings are becoming very sick. 

In ancient tribal systems, including the American Indians', the "crazy man" or "clown" was to be shown respect, because it was known that the "Great Spirit" could especially come through with a divine spark of truth for the tribe, in the midst of an altered state of mental focus.  They understood that someone that is not quite right in this reality, is living in other realities as well.  In a sense, the mentally ill mirror the suppressed psychosis of the mass consciousness!

As a psychiatric nurse years ago, and as a naturally psychic sensitive, medium & empath, I've discovered that schizophrenics in particular are often in touch with something very powerful and very real.  Schizophrenics and Bipolar patients almost always exhibit a psychic sensitivity and an eerie telepathy that eventually convinced me that they are indeed in touch with "something" that is very real for them. We fear the mentally ill for this reason.  Fearing, that it will somehow brush off on us or affect our psychic reality in some way, so we choose not to look at them whenever possible.  "Sensitives" pick up on energies so subtle that most people are not aware of and are especially telepathic.  It's hard to hide your motives with them.  They will always call you out! But they are to me, indeed, societies true sensitives. Without guidance however, they become confused and can't tell which reality they are really in, or want to be in. Medicine men and women for  millennia have also fallen into this group of individuals.  Chosen by the tribe for their ability to disassociate and "walk between the worlds."  I know that sounds very general but I want to use it as a starting point to talk about the mass insanity that's taken hold of the world.  I'd like to start with the current events of the last few weeks in the United States since this is where I call home.

The man pictured is John Constantino, aged 64.  Little is known about this man and the family prefers to keep it that way, saying, "He's just mentally ill, this wasn't political, please respect our privacy." This incident occurred just 1 day after Miriam Carey was assassinated by Secret Service and Capitol Police who was also accused of being "mentally ill."

When I read that sentence published by the BBC on Monday, I felt a real surge of frustration that once again, it's just another case of a "mentally ill" person.  A fact even the family is resigned to believe.

Not only was this story ignored by the American mass media, police were not helpful in answering questions to callers either.  I called myself on Saturday and I just received the usual run around of "He has not been ID'd yet, so we can not give you any information."  I'm sure the woman who answered had been saying that all day but still, she was unexpectedly pleasant.

Note that 2 hours after the incident in DC, another man, aged 25, in a suit, tried to do exactly what John Constantino was able to succeed at but stopped by onlookers.  They took one lighter away from him and all of a sudden he pulled out another lighter.  He was intent to do what he went there for.  His story has also been off of the mass media news list.

Abby Martin of RT did a great follow-up Monday on why the U.S. Media is ignoring Self Immolation in the US.  It's only 5 minutes and well worth the watch!

It's amazing how far we will go not to look at the insanity, while living right in the midst of insanity!

I would like to see us really consider what is going on in America when mental illness diagnosis for "Schizo-Affective Disorders" and Depression has been at a steady incline for 20 years, while the pharmaceutical companies that cater to this group of patients, are raking in millions of dollars.  Many of their medications making things worse, as indicative of all the supposed SSRI killings and suicides plaguing this country.

I've recently discovered that this is ALL ABOUT ENERGY and FREQUENCY!

Whether we are being "Targeted" with things like "Microwave Weapons" or "Directed Energy Weapons" individually or not, one thing is very clear: We are all being affected by the extreme use of Wi-Fi, Cellular radiation, microwaves, sound waves, ELF's, Electromagnetic waves and wave forms from the Solar radiation activity in space.  There is a reason why emergency rooms add staff during the full moon for example.  It is an unwritten fact amongst ER workers and Psych workers that things fill up during a full moon.  The moon is a mirror of solar energy.  There is also a connection to M and X-Class solar flares and an increase of "insane human acts".  In fact, the last few weeks have been extremely active with the sun.  So much so that NASA has been cutting out serious screen shots.  I happened to notice that just after this last straight hit shot by the sun last week in particular.

Take a look at this chart regarding the energy frequencies we are bombarded with everyday, just by living in a modern world:

Now, imagine that you are very sensitive to energy frequencies.  So much so that you can't even be in a room with fluorescent lighting without getting ill, and you are bombarded every day with all of this harmful frequencies.  

I suspect this is the fact for more human beings than is being seriously considered.  The rise in psychiatric medication prescriptions is a perfect indicator to me that SOMETHING is happening to upset the balance of people's brains on a mass level!

Now add to that the now admitted HAARP experiments for "Geo-Engineering!" (denied and called "crazy" by the US Govt for nearly 20 years, way before they had to admit they were in fact using it!)

Now add to that the Chem-trails being used admittedly now by Geo-Engineering Sponsors, like the Department of Defense!

The mix of toxic compounds sprayed all over the world, out in the open, includes Aluminum (connected to Alzheimers), Barium & Strontium! (which are known cancer causers, duh!) Respiratory illnesses like asthma in children has sky rocketed since they began this program!

Those that support Geo-Engineering say, "It's a necessary evil!" (geo airplane pilot) and they now have a lot of pages of "worthy science" that they use to push the scam! All of this paid for by the American taxpayers!

We now give our bodies, our mind & our very lives to an oversized   Government that thinks they know better than we do about our own personal sovereignty and purpose for living!

We have become sheep and cattle for secretive purposes while working our asses off to pay the taxes used to assault every fiber and neurological receptor of our being!

Conspiracy? Hardly!  This information has been outed by hundreds of people, many whom have lost their lives to keep it from reaching the ears of those with no clue to the stories of abuse by the very people who are supposed to protect us.  This includes Dr's who have taken a Hippocratic Oath!

Those most affected by all of the unseen frequencies, emotions & unspoken words of the masses are the very sensitive, and often mis-labeled, mentally ill. Is the goal to make everyone mentally ill? Or just find out who can take it and who can't? I have said before that I feel that the psychically sensitive are especially targeted for these kinds of research projects and institutionalized persons make the easiest targets!

We are at a crossroads today on this planet.  Ignoring the insanity across the world, or in our own backyard doesn't make the insanity go away.  Insanity will always find a way to present itself in an insane world!  

For someone to Self-Immolate is the biggest warning call I can think of! In fact, its use is the biggest act of protest that there is!

John Constantino, the 25 year old in Houston, Miriam Carey, Aaron Alexis, Adam Lanza and the rest, are all symbols of something very wrong in our society, and I'm sorry but I  don't think Guns can be blamed as the cause of any of these frightening episodes.

Taking responsibility is the only way we can stop further deaths.  The only way we can take responsibility is if we can first understand what's happening.

A part of taking responsibility must require the United States Government to come forward regarding secret research.  Especially the research regarding manipulating the brain waves of human beings!
We must refuse to be guinea pigs that look the other way because we don't understand it and we're afraid to know too much!

How many deaths will it take before people really start looking into what's going on in America and the world?

Will it take coming face to face with the shattered reflection of our own souls looking back at us?!