URGENT: I have been given horrifying classified docs & info -- Dr. Bill ...

Will Dr. Weld Be Able To Release These Documents? His Twitter Feed says he was going to release these whistleblower documents yesterday, the 12th of October. 

This is shocking information but I don't doubt it at all.  We've known for some time now that some kind of nanobot was being sprayed along with the chem sprays being done all over the planet.  That rumor has been out for some time.  So why wouldn't it be something to start the Depopulation?!

My guess is that certain DNA profiles will be "euthanized"so these sick bastards controlling our planet; our Country, can continue to kill those of us not carrying the right blood type. Why? So they can re claim the planet for "nature".  It's all laid out in U.N. Agenda 21!

I don't have a good feeling about this man's safety.  He is an attorney and is under clear attack.

Please make this video viral.  I'll follow with up the story here.

For More Info, go to www.billhweld.blogspot.com

Here are the 2 docs he has at his site.  It's minimal doc but what the heck is a "Nano Quell" project and the stats listed are blowing me away!

Are they saying that these companies are participating in this Nano Domestic Quell?! 
Get Ready For The Revolution!