Wake Up

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the film, "Wake Up", a 2010 film about a man, Jonas Elrod who awakens one day to suddenly see spirits and energies around people; just prior to a fatal motorcycle accident that takes the life of his best friend, Rob.  It turns out his friend gave him the greatest gift of all, Love.  I highly recommend this film, not just because it's great, but it also helps explain why so many other people, worldwide, have suddenly woken up with psychic abilities showing up in their own lives.  In fact, people are becoming more psychic by the millions right now! My own Awakening kicked off with a start in early 2008, with paranormal events that were so surreal, even unbelievable at first, that I thought I was losing my mind, and would soon end up a total mind mess if I couldn't figure out what was shaking my reality and what it meant for me personally! I was diagnosed with MS that same year so I felt that my entire world was collapsing.

The veils of illusion are like swiss cheese on the planet right now. In part, due to 3rd dimensional realites secret and not so secret Government sponsored experiments with time, energy & matter in many countries, under many guises, including the famed CERN LHC project in Switzerland. Note that this rash of new psychic sensitivities and the uncanny ability to sense the dead and other inter dimensional beings  really took off just after the LHC went online on September 10, 2008.  Coincidence?!   In fact, that's just about the time that Jonas acquired his new ability.  

I gave a lot of psychic readings from 2010-2012, once I felt that I could help others & not hinder their psychic & spiritual progress, which I found very enjoyable in many ways.  Many of the people I talked with were going through their own personal psychic crises.  Unfortunately,  relationships are not conducive to this kind of growth more often than not, and many have lost friends, lovers, & family because of what they are sensing; seeing, hearing & feeling; finding themselves unable to work a "normal" job; as being around so much ELF energy & human psychic energy, especially repressed psychic energy can be very draining to a "Sensitive",  and so many, like myself, suffered from, and suffer from, a very real form of  PTSD that includes most of the noted clinical symptoms, such as a hyper-reactivity/sensitivity, severe sleep loss, anxiety, fatigue, even Hypothyroidism (like myself), due to the constant secretion of stress hormones.  These are very real, physical, 3rd dimensional symptoms!  

For anybody who decides to "deal with" their abilities, a lifetime of spiritual commitment has to be made to the Self and its growth with the acceptance that you may never have all the answers!  This is the path of the Mystic; someone willing to walk "between the worlds" for the sake of the living.  

As I've mentioned in the past, more and more people will begin to see through the veils of illusion. In fact, it's happening right now exponentially, on a world wide scale.  The truth bubbles just underneath the surface, like a geothermal hotspring, an escalation of pressure, building, until it explodes.  That is where we are right now collectively as a people! People are tired of the lies that they've been fed for millennia! Americans will now lead the way to a World Wide Spring in 2014.  You can feel, hear and see it happening now within our political structure! Freedom from the powerful elite begins again with each new hole in the fabric of our current reality, which is anchored presently by a past reality in which Elite groups, long ago, decided that controlling the masses at all costs, was the true agenda.  The Christian Church was designed for this very purpose. Watch it now, falling a part, just as our old political systems are also falling a part.  Some would call it "The Great Culling."

People are more awake than they were in 2008! 

It is with this knowledge and faith that I can laugh at all the trickery and deceit used by PTB,  (Powers that Be), and I can laugh as they run around like mice, trying to build, repair and keep up their deceptive agendas for a New World Order that will keep the masses in check, and unaware, as the constructions they've spent millions on, even killed human beings to protect,  fall down all around them.  The explosions at the new Utah based NSA center is a perfect example of this! Determined to hold on to all that personal information on Americans; all emails, cell phone records, employment and medical records, they immediately over heated the system and the millions of dollars used in the building of special cooling for these "super computers" became worthless to them immediately, because of their obsession to have power and control over all Americans! By the way, when you find out what they've done with psychically gifted individuals to learn from and use, in secret, you will be disgusted & horrified!



There is so much energy circulating on our planet right now, not to mention all the ELF's (Extra Low Frequency) bombarding each of us every day from our wireless, laptops, cellular phones, power lines, microwaves, cell towers & power lines.  I feel that this also has a lot to do with our increase in physical symptoms & illnesses, especially auto-immune & neurological disease.  Psychically sensitive individuals are extremely sensitive to these kinds of harmful radiations of energy and are the most susceptible to the fatigue, headaches, nausea & other draining symptoms.

Since we're ALL becoming more psychically sensitive and more aware, that means these issues are becoming more intensive and must be looked at in a serious way, however both Corporate and Government interests would rather not look too close.  

I would love to tell you that I see some miraculous change in the future, but what I see is that it's going to take a lot of effort & commitment to move us into a better state of awareness individually & collectively.  I see that the human spirit's condition is tired of deception, and tired of ignoring the lies fed to us by everything we've held sacred!

Being politically active & a personal commitment to growth is crucial right now.  We're still not going to agree on everything while building our better world, but as the veils of illusion fall, egos fall as well and maybe from there we can begin to build a platform for a new way of living together, in better harmony with our selves & others.

So please be open to change, and don't disregard the friend, family or acquaintance that is talking about weird "Non-local" experiences, they're just becoming more aware of what's behind the golden curtain, where Oz and his minions keep the controls. 

Buffalo Springfield's 
"For What It's Worth" 1969
Timely Lyrics