New Update On Miriam Carey Family Attorney Eric Sanders

This is an update in regard to yesterday's posts regarding the arrest of Carey family attorney, Eric Sanders.  Follow me on Twitter +ExposingMiLabs for fast updates.

After making the post that included his pre arrest tweet and posting it on my Twitter, I received a quick response from Mr. Sanders on Twitter stating that he still stood by his tweet of October 14, which had harsh words for the Capitol police and authorities regarding the over reactive murder of Miriam Carey on October 2, 2013.  
Note that Mr. Sanders was arrested the very next day for non related charges which were bogus from the beginning.  

His response follows:

He reiterates the public Twitter posts as a confirmation of what he wants to say about the case right now which means to me, he is working and confident.  

He then sends this to me at first posting of this article today, which I missed from his feed of October 21! Oops!

I cut off the end but it said, "Thank You Everyone"

In light of the October 21 Tweet(longer) post, 
I've completely re edited this post. Mr. Sanders words were to the point and succinct!

This just shows you how far the POB's (Powers that Be) will go to suppress justice!  Using people that are supposed to support, and dish out "Justice." Judge Eisenberg, shame on you!

The goal of course is to keep him too busy defending himself and going broke doing it, so that he can't focus on Justice for Miriam Carey! This is another example of what goes on every day in this country!  This is how truth is suppressed and when we stand by and let it happen without raising our awareness & our voice, WE PARTICIPATE in the suppression of truth and justice!

My hope is that Mr. Carey will eventually allow an interview by somebody he trusts that is NOT Mass Media, that can still create traction in the minds of the public.  

It's time to stand up for what is right!

In Regards to helping....

Valarie Carey, sister of Miriam Carey and a retired NYPD Sergeant has a petition on Change.Com on behalf of her sister.  As of last night she only needed 27 more signatures to move her petition forward.  Please visit her link here.   
Then Share it with someone you know.  

Use #Justice4MiriamCarey in your social feeds and share my link as I will be following this story through to the end!

This family has lost a daughter, a sister, a niece, a Mother! 

Now, I can't end this post without mentioning something that confused a reader yesterday and caused them to not even move forward with their reading because they got confused.  

I am a Medium, and Paranormal Researcher.  

I left a link yesterday to an EVP session I did for Miriam on October 4th, 
hoping that her spirit might come through, guided by the light of God's angels, to tell us what she remembered about her death and to see if she could give us any information regarding why she drove to D.C.  This is not something I do very often publicly since so many people are afraid of the paranormal and it goes against the core of their belief systems.  

Please know that I don't intend to offend anybody, even my staunchest conservative readers, however, I live an honest life, and this is an ability I have had since childhood.  I work now to prove it scientifically via eliciting electronic voice phenomena (EVP), through the scientific method known as Instrumental Trans-communication.  I have hundreds of hours of audio and transcriptions that I've taken since late 2009 and it seems, I get some very accurate information from them.  Most of it concerning world events. 

I hope you will get to know me as a giver of information that you can choose to take or leave, respectfully;  hopefully follow my very odd journey while I express my passions and sentiments which by the way, are stirred heavily by things the spirit world shares with me and by psychic visions & dreams.  I have seen/experienced things you can't imagine. Hence, my mixed blog subject matter.  Know that if you have questions, I'm always happy to answer them. 

Miriam is reaching out! She wants the truth to be told! I have every confidence however that her family, their supporters and Mr. Sanders and his team will get to the bottom of this and find some justice for Miriam.  BUT only if the public is aware of what's really going on regarding this case, and holds the system accountable. And, there will be a case! This SHOULD be a case.  Miriam Carey was a sacrifice by those in power to keep the mental illness/gun issue in the forefront, and for a distraction.  I still maintain that view!

Please find justice for Miriam Carey, and as Mr. Sanders repeats,