Taking Another Look At My November 4th Prediction - What Did I Get Right?

My November 4th dream prediction made in early September.

Please read the above link about a dream I had in early June 2013 regarding November 4th, 2013 before proceeding. 

In the original prediction link above, I mentioned several things that seem to connect with the November 4th New Jersey Mall shooting, which somehow left only 1 dead, the 20 year old shooter, 
Richard Shoop, of Teaneck, NJ.  Not only was he another "lone gunman shooter", he was intent on not hurting anybody but police or security guards and "gently" said many times, "I'm not going to hurt you",  to several panicked shoppers, trying to exit the mall.  
Shoppers said they heard several gun shots; from both an automatic rifle and hand guns and yet, only one bullet casing has been found! 
Another big discrepancy is that one shopper and his friend, saw the shooter with 3 other men with guns moments before the shooting began, outside of an AT&T store.   The "shooter", it was witnessed by the spectators, to have had an automatic rifle.  When he shot the gun, many bullets & casings came out at one time (he was shooting at security cameras at the time).  

This video below, with an interview of one of the men by Anderson Cooper of CNN, raises a lot of questions! Even for Anderson Cooper! Even the media is confused about the information coming out from witnesses.  

Watch This:

I excerpt my dream here by adding the primary portion below:

In this dream, there were approximately 5 men standing around in suits, seemingly American, talking, and I had snuck up on them to listen because I knew it was important.  They were standing next to old, wooden barrels and at times, I wondered if I had gone back to the past as I felt I was in an old western town of sorts.  Perhaps an Astral Town with clues?

As I got closer, I  hear them talk of doing something terrible but what exactly it was, I couldn't discern, only that it had something to do with igniting explosions.  Then, I heard a man say, "So we agree then? It will be November 4." All the men uttered & shook their heads in agreement.  I looked to my right and there were people walking around as if in a small city; shopping, talking, etc.  I wanted to warn them and started shouting "November 4th, Remember November 4th!" in part so I wouldn't forget consciously this important date.  I woke up startled & bothered.

And now I offer my current review of this dream in retrospect:

I believe many current events since the dream in June are connected ! Including of course the November 1 event that included loss of life at LAX International airport.

I believe "they" - "the men in suits" made plans that November 4 would be the beginning of an "igniting" of false flag events, in order to get what they want; money, favor and political power but most of all, to push their NWO agendas onto the fearful masses!  For example, getting people off the back of the TSA  and upping the TSA's presence in the U.S! Soon you will not be able to go anywhere at all without going through a TSA security line, even at your local grocery!

Notice that I mentioned specifically in the dream recall that people were just walking around, talking, shopping...exactly what the people were doing when this event began.  In another post I said it felt like I was "in the east" somewhere.

I am so happy to see that nobody lost their lives and so far in November, in the U.S. at least, there has not been a mass loss of life!  There are many reasons for this, and one reason is because it was put out there into the mass mind, consciously, but even subconsciously, where dreams are made.  

I prefer to believe that we all decided on some higher spiritual level that we weren't going to let things play out the way they wanted them too.  

I do wish I'd have had more specific information of course, but over all I'm quite pleased that things aren't quite going for them the way they want them too.  That realization also cautions me.  If they can't make a big enough of a fearful impact on our psyches, they will up their game, involving more innocent lives, in a more massive way.

The light is becoming more powerful and the dark, more desperate.

Don't fall for their nasty lies & coordinated events to bully us into slavery! 

The #MillionMaskMarch is going on this day, in hundreds of cities  worldwide.  People from all philosophy's and social standings, they are standing up for your freedom & liberty.  Send out a peaceful prayer for them today, Spirit (God) works in many ways.

Here's a short example of how the NSA is even going to take our privacy away in our own vehicles.  Mandatory Black Boxes for cars by 2015. Map 21 = Agenda 21!