New Clues Revealed About The Illuminati Bloodline & My Own Connection To This Ancient Bloodline

Happy New Year!  Have you wondered where I'd gone to?!

Well, let's just say that December was a really tough but illuminating month!

After my car literally exploded into a ball of fire in early December, I thought "Fuck This Shit!", "It's not worth getting myself or my loved ones killed!  But what I also wondered was, "Why now the violent display of power?!"

I'm a little slow, but eventually, I catch on!

I had just begun working again on my family genealogy!

Great Grandpa, The First Deceased Spirit To Ever Visit Me.

My grandfather gave me the bug when I was 12 but his family ancestry book, published in 1975 was very outdated and stopped in France, in the late 1700's.  Although I knew I had a direct relation to King Louis XVI, I had no clue where the path would lead from there, should I be able to acquire the data. As I signed up for a popular ancestry site, I also decided to take a genetics test through an alternate provider that offered much more of a breakdown of the genetics involved with my ancestry.

I'm still waiting on the DNA report, but in the meantime, I've made Unbelievable success on my genealogy! So much so that for a solid week, I became painfully aware of what it meant to be in psychic shock! My reality was so shaken to its core at what I was finding out, that I literally could not process it at first.  I couldn't sleep at night trying to process it, and I became hopelessly obsessive compulsive trying to reach the top of the tree! Hoping, that at the top, it would all make sense! However, the top leaves leave more and more questions, but also offes a type of confirmation that is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for, Or believed!

I was able to go back to about 3500 BC!  Yep, I did say BC!

What I discovered was that not only was I related to King Louis XVI, but that I was a direct descendent of EVERY King and Queen of France! AND, of Normandy, England, Ireland, (ALLScotland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, (Some Russian Royal Intermarriage with Norway), ALL of the Merovingian line of Grail lore, Ancient Macedonian and Greek Royalty, Italian, JUDEAN, AND Every Pharaoh of the Ptolemic dynasty of Egypt! Frigging Pharaohs! (Macedonian's)!  ALL the Ancient High Kings of  Ireland, including ALL the named Arch Druids of England, Scotland and Ireland! The trail leads right to and through the House of David, Levi, Dan, all the tribes of Israel! AND,,, Jesus Christ himself!  From Jesus' family, every single western OR eastern Emperor, King, Pope and future King and Queen of the old world and New world!  It became clear that when they fought, they were fighting a cousin, brother, nephew, sister, etc. ALWAYS! EVEN KING HEROD Was Jesus' Cousin, as was his wife Miriamne, whom he had executed.  It brought a new clue as to why he was so adamant about killing every male child under 2! He even killed his own son! Sick bastard died terribly though so all is well!

The intermarriages are right there in black in white, confirmed by historical documentation!  Once I got to Louis XVI, every one was a royal so it made it a lot easier to trace, though there are many unanswered questions and many un named women involved.  The incest has been extreme all of these years in order to keep the bloodline "Pure", within their beliefs and mind set.  The extremes that have been undergone; the people killed to keep this secret.  The pedophilia, the murder, the insanity, all to keep the power in the "bloodline!"  It's truly sickening, and yet, oddly understandable coming from where they were and still are.  If it's all you know, and are taught, how could you think any other way?

Constantine I "The Great" 
Another bloodline member
executed a wife and his very own son, out of paranoia that they would 
usurp his power!

Every word is true my friends, and believe me, I'm writing about all of this in a book now in the works, separate from the genealogical book I'm writing for my family; The working title is now "Tree of Blood",  so stay tuned.

What my own genealogy proves to me personally is that the Illuminati conspiracy IS TRUE! It tells me that we still have a lot to learn about our own personal histories, and that of our many ancient cultures and societies. AND, it tells me, they have suppressed this information for millennia and still do it today.

My new theory is that abductees and targeted individuals are connected to the same "illuminati" bloodline, which is that of an alien bloodline containing many secrets and this bloodline is a result of genetic manipulation that has been going on for millennia and it involves the myths and stories of the ancients regarding God's from the sky and sea; giants! Are they Annunaki? Fallen Angels? Do we carry something within our blood that they need?! For sure! And also for sure, "God" is an ethnic cleanser!

The current ruling Monarchy's and even the elected, are from this same bloodline, which even includes Barack Hussein Obama, the reason he was prepared & elected, and has already been revealed as a bloodline descendent of the House of Windsor by a 12 year old girl using the same data base I did.

The spirit realm has also been active and revealed much to me this month through my EVP's or more correctly, Instrumental Transcommunication work. Even through my dreams they have told me that NOW is the time to reveal it.  They've also made it clear that THIS is the book they've been telling me I would write.  They kept telling me it would be about "Family" but whoa, sure took me awhile to figure out where this was leading to!!  5 years to be exact!

So THIS is what's going on with me and now that I'm on this path, there is no way I am going to lose my focus.  I will use historical  documentation, myth, dreams, visions, and even EVP's to confirm what we already know,..that ALL of these people in power are connected by marriage and blood, every single one of them and they want a NEW WORLD ORDER whether you do or not!  They feel "blessed" as human Gods, higher than and more knowledgable than the rest of humanity but,  I have some rude news for them..wait for it it in coming days.  I will try to piece together some of what I've discovered and show you how the bloodline is a manipulated, guided, by intervention and by some thing or some one with a perspective that goes beyond our current understanding of time, and human civilization within time.  This intelligence or Order, has guided this bloodline into EVERY family of power through out the world and even though I have the same blood running through my veins,...I am more powerful, and more humble, because I see what they are unable to see, due to their inbred ideas and grand delusions.

They are afraid of the inner, psychic power we also have access to! If they can keep us ignorant of our true origins, then they can continue keeping the power, while we feel powerless as we watch their blatant crimes against humanity!

They are losing my friends but they are fighting hard to keep everything secret and even use the new age movement and religion, especially religion, to confuse the knowledge that has been passed down regarding the bloodline mysteries.  Jesus was not the beginning of the grail line, he was A bloodline, not THE bloodline!  Used by his family, a sacrifice from the family, to push history a certain direction and what I'm learning now about the family of Jesus will begin to put this in a new perspective for you, or possibly solidify a theory you already have.

An Artists Representation of Mary Magdalene:
The Sophia, and "Hidden Goddess", Keeper of the Holy Grail.

The Holy Roman Church Hid The Gospel of Mary
And Many Other Ancient Texts and Christ Gospels.

If you've always been curious about the grail legend, DNA and the illuminati bloodline mysteries, start following along because I have made many connections from my own personal family ancestry and genaeology that are going to taking you through a historical path of new insight, and it will offer more questions that are worthy of discussion and even new debate.

To me personally, it explains so much about my very weird life; especially the targeting and abductions. But, now especially, about my long psychic and spiritual journey.

My next post will be about my bloodline connection to Jesus
bin Joseph, Mary bin Heli, Joseph of Aramathea and the earliest Merovingians Kings of the Franks/France, but I will follow Jesus' path 2 different directions, and end up in the same place. Both with Jesus' death, and with the theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had children.
I also follow Joseph of Aramathea  and end up on the same royal lineage path. Either way I turned from Jesus' family, the path always lead the same direction, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year 2014!


  1. This information is very interesting. I am also a targeted individual and my Dad traced our family's geneology back to King Edward the second. I also have psychic abilities and have had abduction experiences. Wow I do beleive that after years of researching the targeting phenomena I now know this may be why we are targeted.

    1. Thanks for commenting. This has become a deep rabbit hole of exploration for me. I'm not sure I'll ever complete it but I do think there is something within this bloodline that "They" are interested in.

  2. This information is very interesting. I am also a targeted individual and my Dad traced our family's geneology back to King Edward the second. I also have psychic abilities and have had abduction experiences. Wow I do beleive that after years of researching the targeting phenomena I now know this may be why we are targeted.


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