Suspicious Banker Deaths & A Very Quiet Mass Media

If you've been following the 12+ banker suicide deaths just since January 1, 2014 with some sources stating up to 21 deaths internationally and most linked to JP Morgan Chase and Forex (Gold!), you might appreciate a couple of recent updates via recent broadcasts.

The ages of the dead bankers range from 33-82 and all seem dead of suspicious circumstances although of course, most deaths were IMMEDIATELY called "Unsuspicious".  Always a hint that there IS something suspicious.  

You know, National headlines like "Banker nail guns himself 8 times in the head, torso and legs; Suicide, Unsuspicious Death"

As you can see, I have been been very quiet and submissive since they blew up my car and made me deathly ill in December.   Thanks for the new car though fellas! 

Still just peeking out now and then, keeping it safer but always working to expose the false reality. 

Here's a couple of youtube vids on this topic:

That cute, blonde California boy with the voice that goes on and on, and ON, Christopher Greene, AMTV.Com


Gerald Celente had a great rant about it this week in a few interviews.  I think Mr. Celente SHOULD shoot for Mr. POTUS 2016! 

Nobody puts the truth of world economics into perspective like Gerald Celente!

"Direct Democracy! Let The People Vote!" Destroy the Corrupt Gang! 

2014 Will Definitely be a year of extremes and boy have my dreams been weird lately! 

The volatility is already extreme.  Here come the explosive flames.  

The Entire World is preparing to March in lines of anger and desperation.

Where will you stand when it's time to force the dragon out?

Peace Be To All Who Seek Peace