"I Like To Think That Our Government Is A LOT Smarter Than It's Behaving...

I hope Rachel Maddow will continue to follow this story asking the tough questions. 

There's just too much about this case that doesn't make sense! 

I did finally do an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session yesterday asking the spirit world for answers and I got some strange ones but I'm still processing the audio and transcribing it.

When I asked where the plane was I got: 

"The Grotto" 

"At first they had the welcome" 

"The gift" 

"The Children" 

"He didn't think about weather" or "whether?" 

"Use the children" 

"It came" 

"And the children run away" / "ran away?" 

That's all I have so far but the choice of words are very interesting.  

Who says "Grotto?"  That's a very specific kind of dwelling area between 2 mountains If I recall correctly.  

I'll share more of it here when I've fully transcribed it.