More Sacrifice continues....

Did anybody watch Fox's "The Following" last night?  

In the middle of the Dorm Massacre, I wondered how long it would be before some young person was going to imitate this show and go on a knife massacre!  Then this morning, I wake up, make some coffee, turn on the t.v. and see that there's just been a knife massacre! 

Each day, it's a new tragedy, and suddenly, we're not talking about Flight 370 and the infamous "Pings"or Putin and Obama anymore.   

The deaths are so frequent now, that we're still looking in one direction, when another explosive disruption occurs.  

It's a mind war! It's an Info War! It's a war for your very consciousness.  

And as you can see, our children are at great risk. 

Will we outlaw knives now? Or is this just a triggered teen that watched too much television?

Was he on SSRI's?  SHOULD he have been on SSRI's? Did he skip a few doses?

I'm sure the mass media will figure it all out for you.   Or, maybe they'll get distracted with another mass news event, and move on.  

Again I'm reminded of one of my favorite all time songs by Buffalo Springfield: