Peaches Geldof Murdered By Illuminati & Knights of Malta?

This one has all the Illuminati/NWO/OTO signature's all over it!

A couple of days ago, I was going to put something away in a drawer, and I heard a strong voice in my head say, "..Comes a Sacrifice."  

I didn't even know who this beautiful young woman was until yesterday but I feel certain now this is the Sacrifice I was being told would come.  

It felt immediately that it would be related to a celebrity and here we are, with the death of this admitted, former teen Scientologist and apparent OTO, Crowley fan and the connections that come from being in these circles. This kind will eat their own rather than lose any power. 

Of course people have already uncovered the perfect, "25" illuminati symbolic math under the original link to this video and isn't it interesting that her mother died (of an overdose) at 25 too? I'm expecting them to call this a suicide or over dose as well.  She went to meet her mommy, who died at the same age, likely in the reported same way, isn't that special? Her last tweet, sent hours before her death, was a photo of her and her mother when she was about 3 years old.

Now her young babies will be without her protection from these sickos, and clearly, Daddy has been influenced by this elite secret group as well.  I wouldn't doubt if having her own children was triggering things for her from her own childhood and she was about to expose a lot more than the pedophile Ian Watkins and the women that gave their babies over to him to molest. 

Will Peaches' death be forgotten in a month or two as we move from one sacrifice to the next?

May she find peace on the other side of the veil of illusions.