France Warns Russia of U.S. False Flag Nuke Attack in Urgent Meeting

Although I'd watched this in DECEMBER, I'd forgotten all about it when the terror attack happened this month in Paris.  Their are article on the web which are very contradictory to this event with Putin & the French President, Hollande.

My son went shopping right before Christmas and found a new shirt.  When I saw it on him, I got a chill and felt my stomach come right up into my throat and I asked him about the shirt.  He just thought it was cool.  I told him there was something seriously wrong with this shirt and I didn't find it very cool.  Here is a photo of the shirt that reads, "Die Paris".  We tried to find out who originated this shirt, with little luck.

If anyone knows who designed & pushed the sale of this shirt, I'd sure be interested in knowing so that we can out them for the NWO scumbags they are! 

Updated March 9, 2015 - We discovered that the shirt was manufactured in Italy, a country that was probably eager for the work! But still, no body will claim this shirt openly!