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I've decided I want to do a series of EVP/Instrumental Trans-Communication sessions to attempt communication with Dr. Rauni Kilde beginning this week. I need to choose a day when my energy is strong and I attempt the sessions in a clean and orderly area which is tough right now because I am remodeling my home.  I have my main area completed now except for baseboards and I have discovered the echo off of the new hard floors adds an amplification that I did not having doing the sessions in a carpeted room.  I have discovered through the spirits own words that they don't like being called into a disorderly home. lol  They will make comments like, "Put away your laundry,", "You are messy,.. shame. (Grandmother).  When I create a space for them and add some aromatherapy, they are quite pleased to come through.  Dr. Kilde definitely deserves a nice space to come home to.  

What I'd like to ask from readers, is that you imagine her coming to me, to say what she wants to say to the world still.  She will have a higher perspective than she did here.  She will see the entire truth now.  Please add your energy to mine in calling her in for a session.  I would love for it to be somebody like her that comes through in an undeniable way!

Definitely a Targeted Individual (TI), her physical life may have been taken by them! If so, it's time for us all to wake up, and shake up!

Stay tuned for sessions.  I'll post the transcriptions and hopefully a couple of very clear communications that you'll be able to hear too!