How To See if the FBI IS Hacking Your Cell Phone?!

Today I got a quote to see what it would cost to be de-bug my home, cars, laptop, desktop, land line and cell phones...the cost, just $5,600!  WTF?!

You see, this service is mainly used by Corporations who spy on one another, or who are trying to keep the Feds out of their business.  To them, $5,600 is nothing compared to the loss of a valuable trade secret!

But I'm just a nobody trying to figure out why I'm being Surveilled and by who.

After pouring over websites and realizing I couldn't afford my own de-bugging, Co-Intel products even I wanted to start a new business with it! Believe me, it's VERY Tempting!

I ended up back on Youtube and typed in, "How to know if your Apple or Android is being tapped by the FBI" and ran across the video below.

Before I started, I looked at the wireless settings and there was nothing about the FBI there although in the past, I've had a "FBI Surveillance Van #2" pop up.  I was told that people can name their wireless whatever they want and that it was a joke by a neighbor.  So I didn't worry about it.

I hadn't seen anything like that pop up in quite some time, but as soon as I texted the code to my voicemail (I just wrote "Voicemail" in the receiver section), and turned my wi fi settings back on, "FBI SURVEILLANCE" popped up! Here's the screen shot!

Now, as I said, this was NOT there before I entered the code but clearly it is there now.  I wish I'd have screen shot the before shot! Is it COINCIDENCE? SYNCHRONICITY? Or am I an "ID10T"?

I know if the FBI were really surveilling, surely they'd change their name to something besides "FBI SURVEILLANCE", if they are as smart as any 6th grader anyway but why did this pop up AFTER I entered the code? Artificial Intelligence Game?

Watch the video, then try it on your phone and see what happens.  You'll probably just feel like I do, like an idiot, but who knows, maybe someone else will have the same experience.

I am very tech challenged in many ways and I'm just trying to figure out ways to protect myself and be pro active.  I believe Synchronicity happens for a reason, even if it is sometimes to show us how stupid we really are. But in my humble opinion, I think we all have to try understand the extent of the Surveillance State by reading non stop and getting together to find solutions.  Who has time to do that all the time, right?  I think we need a central location on the WWW where TI's can go to get some guidance as to where to start and how to go about de bugging your own environment.  Perhaps people with equipment in cities can volunteer a few hours a month to someone that needs help getting documentation of their "problems."  It's just sad to me that only wealthy persons can even afford to have their home or office checked for bugs, checking for example in the higher frequencies, which most novice products are not able to do.  The FBI for example, is going to use bugs that are very high frequency.

I am happy to hear from the educated & enlightened :)