Targeted Again and Fighting Back

As a Targeted Individual or TI, you go through tons of self examination, and self doubt. But somewhere along the way, you either realize that they are weak and spineless, so you either fight back or believe the reality they want you to believe and end up unconnected to your own Spirit and higher consciousness, feeling complete despair and exhaustion, willing to do Anything to make it stop. Myran May was one of many of these documented TI's. Because I'm having to type this on a phone as my laptop is in the shop, I'm keeping this short. But I am  now video journaling and writing in order to tell my TI story and document it for the world to see. I've had enough! Because of their interest in me, my husband suffers too but he just can't accept the connections yet. I'm still waiting for his Aha moment, as I saw recently saw in a tech friend who discovered all my hacks were coming from Reston, VA! Years of talking and he finally saw the proof with his very own skills and eyes. It felt awesome! So now I have 1 person in my life that believes me and that's all I need right now! 
Here is my latest video post about a potential haven for TI's that would be off grid. There would be family and friends invited for weekend workshops that educated the people in the TIs life. It would become in effect a sanctuary. If Myron May or the Navy Yard Shooter would have had this haven to retreat to and be believed, maybe they and their un-necessary victims would still be alive today!
Oops! I can't get the video to show up on my phone through the upload link! Please checkout my ExposingMilabs Channel on YouTube. Kim