The Order of The Ermine Referenced In Controversial Economist 2015 Cover

This painting has been bugging me since the Economist cover came out in January 2015, and then was recycled again for more meaning in October, predicting a November event, people felt certain of that much & we all started predicting what it all their little cartoons meant. They love cartoons, it's a good way to make fun of those not in the know, and give them a little fun with the sheep.  Now that the Paris Attack of November 13 is over,  (The date is in the arrows, Illuminati style of course).  It's been bugging me even more since Friday. I saw Leonardo's hand in this one.  One well-meaning, friendly Vlogger called it a "French Painting".  "See, it's French, that's what it meant". (It seemed to make sense for some of us), but I didn't think so.  I felt there was much more to this painting and I knew as soon as I saw it, that it was Leonardo Di Vinci's work.  The master at using Illuminati Symbolism in paintings. Reverse painting was also a forte of his. 

The title of the painting by Leonardo Di Vinci, is called "The Lady With an Ermine". Or Shall we say, a REVERSE image of the painting, Without the Ermine (or Purity, Honor & Chivalry)

In the Wiki article link, we find that this was painted in 1488-1489.

The Ermine has quite a symbolic significance of "Purity", as noted in the Wiki article link, but it goes far beyond that.  The Ermine was a very clean animal, and didn't like to get its fur dirty.  In fact, an Ermine has even more significance in that it could also refer to the "Order of the Ermine",  " We learn that, The Order of the Ermine (L’Ordre de l’Hermine) was a chivalric order of the 14th and 15th centuries in the Duchy of Brittany. The ermine is the emblem of Brittany. In the 20th century, it was revived by the Cultural Institute of Brittany as an honor for those contributing to Breton culture.

AND, the "Historical Order of FRANCE!"  

The collar of a member of the Order was composed of plaited ears of wheat, with a running ermine hanging from a small chain, all in gold. There's no Gold here, but an unusual necklace hangs about the woman's head.  Could the woman also symbolize Compassion, or the lack thereof?

On the trippy, Alice in Wonderland cover, The lady sits back and watches from afar, as to not get her hands dirty with blood.  Her honor is gone however and she is actually, COMPLICIT. 

Do you still think a couple of Syrian Refugees escaped from camp, and coordinated this attack? 

They now flaunt in our face on a daily basis, what their next sadistic move is and clearly, somebody at the Economist knows what's happening behind the scenes.  

Orders in France & Britain (& its USA brothers), are responsible for the deaths of all these people.


To have public support for "bombing the shit out of Syria" as politicians all around are saying like they're frigging cowboys!! 

The French Citizens didn't want to be involved with this. We all kept wondering why France was letting in so many immigrants, but now we know;  As an excuse for Chaos! Chaos that the Government could "Take care of", by blaming refugees and then burning down the refugee camp (which they deny), And dropping 20 bombs on innocent people in a Syrian city to get to a small faction.  

We haven't heard word one about the French Syrian refugees since they were burned out. I find that highly suspicious and expect most are deceased and buried in a pit somewhere in France!


We are being deceived people! Why aren't you MAD AS HELL!?We have entered the war now, there's no turning back.  Our leader's sins will hurt us more than they hurt them (In this life time anyway).  Don't wait for them to tell you it's World War again, Recognize it for yourself and prepare! 

Their next move will be the USA, I can feel it! Why? Because there are too many of us that are resistant, just like the French Citizens.  Refugees are arriving here now.  There will soon be an excuse to burn down their camps as well.  There will soon be a reason for the "Yahoo's" to start shouting "Burn Syria Down! Destroy ISIS! Kill all the Muslims!"  I already hear the war chants, as they are already everywhere on line! But who we should be MAD at are the one's that have PLAYED US! The one's that have created this drama for us to give our Children's lives for. 

The world will never be the same again.  And, when it comes to our backyards, we will never be the same again!

Don't turn your dis-placed anger at "Muslims" and turn it on your own Government, the deceivers, the creators of this nasty world stage that they will make billions of $$$ dollars from, while blood stains the planet! Let that make you Angry, now use that Anger to call Bull Shit! 


Turn your dis-placed anger at "Muslims" and turn it on your own Government, the deceivers, the creators of this nasty world stage that they will make billions of $$$ dollars from, while blood stains the planet! Let that make you Angry, now use that Anger to call Bull Shit! 

Join The Revolution! Say "Not In Our Name!", "Not with our Lives!" 

There are hints by the way about Poland and Germany within this paintings history as well. Let me know if you make the connections. 


PS sorry for editing job, from now on I'll create on my computer. I have tried to fix this poor presentation many times but the edits don't take in my google dashboard when I edit it. I have never had this problem posting before. I already know they'll be another update regarding how this painting has been used in the past in tv/film, books and other forms of media.  A connection to "Daemons" is involved, go figure!