U.S. Government Panics After Hearing Pete Santilli's Latest Message

Last year before all this happened with Pete Santilli, I wrote him one night out of anger at hearing some things he said.  I don't even remember what it was now except that it was in part due to his extreme arrogance and mainly his terrible language which I found disgusting in someone who was so intelligent.  I told him in this email that I felt he was about to go through something very difficult because of his attitudes, and his mouth, and that it would be a very humbling experience.  I let him know I liked him a lot but I felt strongly that he'd unleashed some things for himself that were going to be super tough.  I felt "Spirit Led" so to speak.  He tried to get me on the air that very night but his email went to junk mail and I didn't see it until he was actually arrested! I had NO IDEA, just a month or so later, this insanity would become his reality!

Pray for Pete Santilli.  As I told him in the email then,  I feel that this experience will make him stronger, and a GREAT leader one day! But, that it was time to start acting like a leader.  If you've ever followed his show, this sounds like a completely different man speaking to us now.   I look forward to having an exchange with him again one day.  He's going to be ok.  I'm praying for him.