Trump Wins & The Left Implodes : Election 2016

As President Obama heads off to Europe to say a farewell goodbye to heads of State, President-Elect Trump is doing the media circuit and thanking America for their support.  Leslie Stahl tried to dig the divide deeper with her 60 minutes interview of Trump and his family this past weekend but Trump was determined to let the people know that he stands behind the Supreme court ruling of same sex marriage though she didn't ask him if he stands between Roe vs. Wade.

Trump's White Nationalist supporters have become the poster children of what's wrong with Trump in the eyes of the propagandized left who are screaming, crying and literally shitting in the streets and smearing it on Trump poster's like it's the end of the world.  They have been brainwashed to believe they will all lose (free) benefits, including health insurance, and some of them may but I do have confidence we can figure out our own healthcare dilemma with input from all sides. Nobody wants anybody to go without good healthcare but the middle class can't foot the bill, they very literally can't afford to! The middle class is responsible for electing Trump, not any one party, truth be known.

In 2008, I was a big Obama supporter & Democrat and I thought Hillary might be a good candidate for 2016. I was high on the "Hope and Change" propaganda.  But I noticed that right after the inauguration, Obama seemed suddenly dark, heavy and changed somehow and it wasn't long before many observant American's noticed he and his admin were actually carrying on the Bush Doctrine of the New World Order Agenda, in even bigger strides!  Many of us, long time democrats and republican's alike, were shocked but the Democratic Congress wasn't even raising an eyebrow on all of Obama's Executive Orders designed at eroding our Constitutional Republic.  The people we trusted to keep our President in check, were absolutely behind him, as if they had suddenly forgotten what their jobs were, or who they represented.  There was extreme pressure put on dissidents within the party and outside the party and in the meantime, the Conservatives, Libertarian's & Independents were seething with outrage and anger, and determined to topple the liberals who they felt were following the UN Agenda 21 plan.  If you aren't familiar with UN Agenda 21, you can't possibly be educated enough about Hillary's stance on politics, to give her your support.

For me, it was time to get back to the basics of our American history. I've studied our Government's history very deeply, primarily for Genealogy research.  Many of my grandfathers and great-uncles were in these early positions of power.  Some died with their pride and integrity intact, some did not.

Democrat friends, who were deluged with a controlled media's messages for 8 years, are now literally losing their minds because they think everything Obama did was right and continued to believe the Hillary propaganda even though alternative media and Wikileaks were outing her communications, intentions and serious crimes on a steady basis. But hey, Hillary and her campaign told them the Wikileak's were fake, and the FBI is not charging her, so all is good.  It's never good when people only get their news and facts from mass media and don't look at the other side's complaints and research.  It's never good when civil liberties are taken away and nobody notices or CARES unless it's about them. (i.e. Gay marriage).  It's Never Good to look the other way as Constitutional crimes are being committed! Without our foundational laws, we are nothing and that is something the "Nationalists" understand, White, Black or any other race. This is something we have in common it does not mean "Nationalists" are White Supremacists, and I for one am sick of the left making this about White Nationalism because as the popular vote revealed, people who believe in a Sovereign nation, come from all colors and races!!

I chose not to look away after 2008 and I'm glad I didn't.  Enough Americans, even life long liberals, finally saw the writing on the wall and chose to shout it out, and demand our Sovereignty, as individuals and as a united Country so that all the hard work and lives given by our predecessors would not be in vain. It's been a very enlightening year for all of us.  It's even showed some of us our dark side, but that's ok. That too is a part of becoming aware of ourselves and what matters most to us.

Know that I WILL hold Trump accountable and I hope everyone will! All Political Parties!

Let's take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture here.  The bigger picture includes all of us! Even future citizens of foreign countries! So let us put our thinking caps on and remind ourselves of what our collective goals really are and continue a healthy discourse together.

Please America, for the sake of our children's future, wake up from your 8 years of brain fog! Take a few deep breaths and figure out how we can all move forward. Stop taking cash from those that want to create a civil war in this country because you may find out soon how much you've actually been played. Cash for violence contributing now to deaths of other humans is on all that block ambulances and take money for chaos, is not good for any of us.  Will you be able to look yourselves in the mirror tomorrow?

Let's stop the total emotional breakdown now, pick our selves up and figure out a better way to face the our future reality. Knowledge is indeed Power!

Power it up!